Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – Swedish Death’n’Roll Rebels Stream Entire New EP “Rising”

Jesus Chrüsler Supercar – Swedish Death’n’Roll Rebels Stream Entire New EP “Rising” 

Swedish Death’n’Roll rebels Jesus Chrüsler Supercar today share their entire new EP “Rising”, just two days ahead of the release date set for this Friday, June 9th via Majestic Mountain Records. 

The full EP is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who had this to say about this new effort “On their new EP Rising, death metal is less of an audible portion and more of a corrosive agent. It’s the leaking car battery wired up to a bucket of whiskey, motor oil, and chainsaw lubricant, turning sleazy rock into a harrowing health hazard. Entombed’s Wolverine Blues is definitely a sonic ancestor here, which middle tracks “Suck in the Dust” and “When You Are Dead” strongly evoke, but there’s a bold undercurrent of doom metal elsewhere that mixes sublimely with that groove-heavy, caustic component. “

Listen to “Rising” here.

Produced by Nico Elgstrand and Jesus Chrüsler Supercar, mixed by Nico Elgstrand and Fred Forsberg and mastered by Fred Forsberg, the follow-up to their critically lauded third album “Lücifer” from 2019 sees Jesus Chrüsler Supercar churning out a groovy and powerful death ’n’ roll sound concocted from blood, sweat and gasoline that sounds like an unholy alliance between Entombed, Motörhead and High On Fire! Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Led by their axe-swinging frontman Robban Bergeskans, the Stockholm pack consisting of drum machine Nicke Forsberg and former Refused guitarist Pär Jaktholm continue to crank a powerful, malicious and groovy death’n’roll sound taking influences from dirty Heavy Rock, Doom, Stoner and old school Death Metal, Swedish type.

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