Jason Aldean // Macon // Album Review


Jason Aldean has earned multiple platinum awards over the course of his 16 year career and now is the time for him to pay homage to his home time, naming his 10th album after Macon, Georgia. If you haven’t already heard the track with Carrie Underwood, where have you been. ‘If I Didn’t Love You’ is a multi-week US number 1 and mainstay of any UK country music playlist.

Taking the influences from the music that he heard at home, Aldean draws inspiration from Southern Rock, Blues, R&B and obviously Country. This approach allows the sound to take whichever direction it needs and the focus is on the song rather than the sound.

This album is in effect a multi release album, with the first batch of the songs being released on 12th November, this release having 10 new songs and 5 live recordings, before the Georgia aspect of the album joins the collection in April 2022 with a further 10 new tracks and 5 live recordings, making the full release a mammoth 30 track release.

The feel of this half of the tracks is one of huge, anthemic songs that you can’t help but sing along to. The velvety guitars just lick over you as the deep vocal slips down your ear canal and massages you from the inside. By the time you are singing along with ‘If I Didn’t Love You’ you are already totally absorbed in Macon and feel like you are part of something very special.

Just wait until ‘Heaven’ arrives and even on first listen you will be belting out the words to this Bryan Adams 1985 classic.

This engagement and involvement in an album is extremely rare as this feels far more than a collection of songs that have been put together to produce an album. Each song speaks to you and you feel part of the song, playing you part by pouring a whiskey and singing along.

For me this is everything and more that you could want from a Country album. It is down to earth, real and relatable. With a massive sounding instrumental and an engaging vocal, you feel like you are adding to the population of Aldean’s hometown and you feel like this is somewhere you want to stay.

The live additions add that special energy that you only get from a live performance and show why you shouldn’t only get this album but also go and see Aldean in person as soon as you can.

Macon is a stunning album from start to finish and I would suggest that having a number 1 single is just paving the way for this album to go the same way, not just I the weekly charts but also the annual ones. I know its right up there in my albums of 2021 and as soon as iv finished writing this I am trying to source a copy on vinyl.

Ed Ford


Macon will be released Friday 12th November 2021 via BMG Records.

Macon Tracklist

1. “After You”
2. “Over You Again”
3. “That’s What Tequila Does”
4. “Small Town Small”
5. “If I Didn’t Love You”
6. “Story For Another Glass”
7. “Heaven”
8. “This Bar Don’t Work Anymore”
9. “The Sad Songs”
10. “Watching You Love Me”
11. “Amarillo Sky” (Live from Nashville, TN)
12. “Johnny Cash” (Live from Los Angeles, CA)
13. “She’s Country” (Live from Las Vegas, NV)
14. “Big Green Tractor” (Live from Dallas, TX)
15. “My Kinda Party” (Live from St. Louis, MO)







Jason Aldean // Macon // Album Review
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