Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review
Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review 10
Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review 10
Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review 10
Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review 10
Jaret & Kelly​ - Sittin’ In A Tree ​- Album Review 10
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So far 2019, has has its fair share of great new albums, however I may have just found the greatest so far for the lovers of Pop Punk. The collaboration of ​Jaret ​Reddick (Bowling For Soup)​ and ​Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots) ​is a fresh injection of the fun side of Pop Punk. Their album ​Sittin’ In A Tree​ is 14 tracks of sheer enjoyment that has seen the two artists genuinely collaborate to create a true gem.

As soon as the first track plays it hits you with that high energy that both artists are able to create with ease. They are have written tracks that have a great sense of fun that you can’t help but be pulled into. But no tracks are the same with a mixture of the expected and unexpected. “Doin Alright” takes in a very country vibe while “Butterflies (The Crush Song)” is an acoustic ballad which just shows the duo had no set style going into this album other than just wanting to create great tracks. There’s even a little 70’s feel to “That Night” before it does head into a much more rock vibe, which are just another two different styles the two have managed to pull off in style. Other tracks from the album do hold that great sense of fun which I keep talking about, which is easily comparable to the duo’s respective bands styles and music. One of the stand out tracks however is “Daddy’s Girl” which while being an incredible song also holds a lot of meaning for both artists. With Reddick having a daughter of his own and Ogden writing this while her own father was critically ill, there is a lot of emotion written into it.

Jaret & Kelly​ Sittin’ In A Tree ​is one of those albums that doesn’t come around often but when it does, it blows you away. With two incredibly talented artists collaborating in a wholly natural way, there is something really quite special about this album. It’s perfect for those fans of the two artists but there’s also something on there for everyone, from the ballads, to the country to the pop punk styles.


Jaret & Kelly​ Sittin’ In A Tree ​is out March 22nd Via Whiskey Joe Records.


Jaret & Kelly are:

Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup)
Kelly Ogden (The Dollyrots)

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