James Kennedy // Noise Damage : My Life As A Rock ‘N’ Roll Underdog // Book Review

The singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer can now add book writer to his repertoire as the former singer and guitarist of KYSHERA has decided to tell his story in his own words. Having released music since 2002 with the band but also as a solo artist and having a very broad range of music genre outlets and then setting up his own record label in 2010, the artist has turned his hand to the written word before having published articles on mental health, politics and gun control to name a few but now it is time for the story of the man to be told, warts and all.

The refreshing nature of this book is felt from the beginning as the introduction, or ‘Soundcheck’ as this is titled, has a light-hearted nature that is warming and welcoming as the relatable side of a hangover is described in a witty style, Kennedy immediately becomes a likable guy and one that you just feel quite at ease reading about. Don’t get me wrong some of the tales that are shared through the book are nothing short of horrific and heart wrenching as we share life-changing moments along with the trials, tribulations, drug experiences and health issues both physical and mental are there for all to read about and many relate to.  

The almost tongue in cheek humor that flows through the book helps to add some personability to the words and also adds some insight into the potential coping mechanisms that Kennedy has had to deploy to aid his resilience and deal with some of the shit that he has had to endure and has shaped the person that he is now but that doesn’t detract from the very real issues that he has faced and continues to face in this world that seems out to get you.

This eye-opening documentation of the story of a man is one that will appeal to more than just music fans and the way it is written will have you experiencing all the known emotions and ones you didn’t know where possible as this page-turner progresses and before you know it you find yourself at the back cover, wondering if it’s too soon to pick it back up and start again. Noise Damage: My Life As A Rock ‘n’ Roll Underdog is a thoroughly enjoyable read and one that you will wonder why has taken this long to be told!

Ed Ford

Noise Damage : My Life As A Rock ‘n’ Roll Underdog is released October 18th 2020 via Eye Books 


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