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With the release of his brand new album, The Hammer Falls, only days ago, Jack J Hutchinson is out on the road to promote it and tonight’s stop is here in Bradford. Our photographer tonight reviewed Hutchinsons album last week and hailed it a contender for album of the year so it’s safe to say we’re all very excited to see him live on the road and performing these brand new tracks.

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Up first however is Unknown Refuge to warm the crowd up tonight. This young band has been around for a few years now and their performance speaks for itself. Playing through tracks such as “Shadows” and “If the Gods Be Good” from their debut album which was released just last year, they play as though performing to thousands and just a smaller crowd. You can also see on their faces just how much they enjoy playing by how much of a performance they put on and the smiles on their faces. This is a band who can only get bigger and better and should definitely be seen live.

The lights go down once more and it’s time for our main act to hit the stage. Right from the moment the first string is plucked, you know it’s going to be a great show as Jack J Hutchinson launches into “Straight Into Hell”. This is also the first track off the new album and sets the tone perfectly for what this album is all about. As he heads straight into the album’s title track, you can instantly tell that the whole band is in great form tonight as they hits every note with perfection. As the night goes on the band plays pretty much every track off the new album before playing their superb cover of “War Pigs” which is always good for a sing along. Followed up by “I Will Follow You” from the last album Who Feeds The Wolf which provides another sing along for those who have not yet learned all the words from the new album yet.

Aside from the excellent playing and music, Jack J Hutchinson is also incredibly personable and likeable as he interacts with the crowd remembering that it was only a few months back that they were here for their comeback tour. This interaction continues through the night and you can’t help but like him more and more as a person as he tells stories about the band and making the record. I always find it is these interactions that make a band a live act as you feel that connection past the music and it creates something worth coming to see them live again and again.

As the show enters the last stage, we take a step back in time to the debut album Paint No Fiction with “Rattlesnake Woman” which was chosen by fans when the band asked what tracks they wanted to see live. To end the night however we take one more track from the new album with “What Doesn’t Kill You (Only Makes You Stronger) before ending on bang with “Sleep, Awake, Obey!”

If there’s only one thing to take away from seeing Jack J Hutchinson, it’s that they are a must see live band. With a great blue rock sound, well written music and a likable presence there really isn’t anything not to like about them!

Photography: Mark Ellis 


Review: Emmie Ellis 







HaloStraight To HellCall of The Wild

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