Jack J Hutchinson // The Hammer Falls // LP Review


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No by the lord it’s Jack J Hutchinson and he’s here to bring the Gods of Thunder to your ears real soon. 

Jack J releases his latest LP “The Hammer Falls” on Friday 4th of February 2022 and is launching into a UK tour to support the release of the LP.

The heavily guitar-driven album was co-produced by Josh Norton-Cox, recorded at Momentum Studios, Devon with additional production and mixing by Josiah J Manning (Inglorious, Kris Barras Band, Moriarty, Wille and The Bandits), alongside mastering by the Grammy award-winning Stardelta (Noel Gallagher).

Going on to enthuse about his latest collection of songs, ”We’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this record. It’s a step up from my previous albums both in terms of songwriting and production. We tracked most of the songs live in a room together, which was really important to the ethos of the sound.”

“It’s my most personal record to date, but it touches on wider themes such as mortality and loss which affect us all.” muses Jack reflecting upon a period of time which was challenging for all walks of life, “It’s hard-hitting, rammed with heavy riffs and guitar solos, but with lyrics and melodies that will hopefully touch and move people. It’s a banger, the songs are fun to play and have gone down very well on tour!”

Well what can we say about this release … It’s bloody marvellous .. that’s what.!!!! If you like hard, heavy, riff-tastic guitar-focused blues-based rock music then you are in for a real treat. Hutchinson does not hold back on the record in any way shape or form. The musicianship is absolutely outstanding and it’s sure to explode out of the stage when he takes this on the road.

Possibly the most important element here is that the songs were tracked in the studio as a band (yes he’s made a proper studio LP just like the good old days) and this really brings the songs to life.

The opener “Straight to Hell” sets the tone perfectly .. This is not an LP to mess with. A catchy, simple riff that just rips into the soul of any blues-based rock fan .. and from there the song builds with perfect rise and fall .. and then there’s the solo … you just have to listen to it.

But then the fun doesn’t stop there .. the LP continues to pile on the riffs and sets up for some memorable live shows .. Title track “The Hammer Falls” is another foot-tapping head nodding classic. In fact, you could say the same for the whole LP it’s just relentless .. and that’s in a good way !!! This LP has to be a contender for record of the year … nuff said !!!!!!

Rock N Load will be on hand to witness the tour at Nightrain in Bradford .. watch out for our live review soon…

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