J.R.C.G. (Dreamdecay) Shares New Single “Lowrider”

“Bold experimentation of sonic palettes and krautrock rhythms … It may not make you want to boogie on the dance floor but a hit of acid could certainly make for a nice pairing.”
“Acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed by dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and nauseating waves of distortion. This is not a track to mellow out to, nor is it exactly driving music – but rather an exercise in sonic exploration.”

– Post Punk“As J.R.C.G., Gallego hones a boisterous shoegazey krautrock zone that festers with the discernible psychedelic stamina as their Castle Face brethren.”
– New Commute

“It’s a dense, psychedelic pulse of a track, blending the abrasive textures of Gallego’s other band with the hypnotic rhythms of Can and a minimalist electronic midsection.”

“A strangely contorted buzzing low-end swarm, punctuated with distorted stabs and cascading drums, that falls away into moments that float on dreamy synth zephyrs before plunging head-first back in to the cacophany.”
– Joyzine

“Flowing in and out of my head like a distorted rainbow of sound, coaxing me into the hidden corners of my psyche, opening doors into nightmarish percussive lullibies.”
– CVLT Nation

“A kaleidoscope of tonal intensity, pushed by pounding drums and quickly matched with an impenetrable wall of swarming guitar obliteration.”
– Post-Trash

“a drone-and-zone jam that hits hard while flying close to the sun.”
– Brooklyn Vegan

Today, J.R.C.G. (the solo project of Dreamdecay‘s Justin R. Cruz Gallego) a brand new single entitled “Lowrider,” taken off their forthcoming debut album, Ajo Sunshine (due November 19 via Castle Face). KEXP hosted the premiere.

Ajo Sunshine (say it with me folks, “Ahh-Ho”) is heralded by an alarming horn ensemble, stabbing with the dramatic urgency of a killer’s theme in a midnight movie. It’s a jarring but appropriate entry point for this brilliantly blasted listen, an array of exquisitely sharp edges punctuated by kaleidoscopic respites of throbbing warmth and surprising tenderness. J.R.C.G. (Justin R. Cruz Gallego)’s previous work with Seattle’s excellent Dreamdecay may foreground the broad strokes here, but he’s pushed things way outward in terms of his sonic palette.  Abutting field recordings captured from rodeos off Ajo Way, a stretch of highway that leads you westward out of Tucson Arizona directly into the sun, both acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed in dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and seasick waves of distortion.  It’s homage that plays out like a collage, a dream switching from station to station, a series of dedications broadcast on late night radio. All pin-hole size images from scenes never seen whole, strung together in but one version of complete. It all makes for a dazzling listen and it’s out on Castle Face November 19th.

J.R.C.G. will be performing live on a West Coast run this November, with the Dreamdecay Music Group as their live band. This run includes their record release show at The Echo in LA on November 6 and two dates supporting UK post-punk powerhouse Dry Cleaning.


11/4 – Reno, NV – Holland Project
11/5 – Oakland, CA – Elbo Room
11/6 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo (*Record Release Show*)
11/8 – Fullerton, CA – The Continental
11/11 – Portland, OR – Bunk Bar w/ The Body
11/12 – Seattle, WA – The Clockout
11/13 – Portland, OR – Vitalidad w/ Dry Cleaning
11/14 – Seattle, WA – Neptune Theater w/ Dry Cleaning

Photo by Anthony Beauchemin
PRE-ORDER: J.R.C.G. – Ajo Sunshine

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