It’s A Wicked Cool Holiday!! Label Founded By Little Steven Van Zandt Announces Special Surprise Black Friday Releases From Bands On The Roster

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It’s A Wicked Cool Holiday!!

Label Announces Surprise Releases For Black Friday Including Titles From The Dollyrots, Prima Donna, Soraia, Brian Ray, Mickey Leigh and Ryan Hamilton!!

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2020 has been a banner year for NYC-based Wicked Cool Records, the independent label imprint founded by Little Steven Van Zandt.

To ring in the holiday season, the label has announced the release of several special Black Friday titles, including new music from LA rockers Prima Donna, acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton, Philly-based melodic rock outfit Soraia, NYC punk rock legend Mickey Leigh, renowned guitarist Brian Ray and a vinyl reissue from pop-punks The Dollyrots. See details for each release below.

With a focus on power-pop, garage, rock and roll, punk rock and more, Wicked Cool Records’ 2020 slate included over 30 releases from the likes of Jesse Malin, WYLDLIFE, Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts, The Empty Hearts, Jessie Wagner, Kurt Baker and more. The label’s releases were featured on the Official UK Charts, Rolling Stone, American Songwriter,, and Mojo, to name a few.

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The Dollyrots “Because I’m Awesome” Vinyl Reissue

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“We are beyond excited to have this album, who’s title track is probably our biggest song, finally out on vinyl. And how! Issued on 180 gram picture disc vinyl, with a gatefold jacket and poster insert. Really really beyond our wildest expectations. When we first recorded this album and initially released through Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records we had no idea that eventually, someday, we’d have the opportunity to put it out there through Wicked Cool in such a special way; way back in 2007 it was “Coolest Song in the World” for the entire year – so we’ve always known it was a big one – and that Steven Van Zandt thought so too. We still end every live set with “Because I’m Awesome” and this record embodies all of its Awesomeness. Thank you to Little Steven for believing in the power of vinyl and working alongside Joan to bring it to life!”- Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas (The Dollyrots)

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Mickey Leigh – “Lost In Space”/ “La La Lala”


“In verbalizing/describing the song’s content to the filmmaker for a video, I conveyed to him – I’d just seen the original film and was lyrically summarizing the part of “Mutiny on the Bounty” where Mr. Christian falls in love with a native girl who loves him back, but doesn’t understand a f’n word he’s saying… not that it mattered, because – especially when we’re lost or stranded, or both, somewhere – it all boils down to our instincts = our “animal” instincts. That led me to thinking of another old favorite film, “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” and the bond formed between astronaut, Crusoe, and the chimp he got stranded on Mars with. Bottom line, it’s just a song. …and it’s just rock ‘n roll.”- Mickey Leigh

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Prima Donna – “Gimme Christmas”/ “Mistletoe Blues” 7″ single


“If Veruca Salt, the bratty girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, made a loud, 70’s glam-rock-inspired Christmas song, this would be it!” –Aaron Minton (Keyboards/Saxophone)

“Gimme Christmas! Let’s just get straight to it, I came for the presents. You can keep the egg nog.” – Kevin Preston (Guitar/Lead Vocals)

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Soraia- “Santa Claus” (The Sonics cover)


“We’ve been wanting to cover a Christmas song for the longest time but didn’t feel the joyous, happy songs really fit us. After all, we’re mostly sarcastic, a little biting, and we love humor and some depth and darkness in songs. So, for us, “Santa Claus” by The Sonics captures all of that. And – after all – it’s The Sonics! “- ZouZou Mansour

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Ryan Hamilton – “Christmas Wish” (A-side feat. Emily Capell)


“Writing an original Christmas song is not easy. I guess it’s why most artists just cover older ones! Haha. But, like some sort of unexpected Christmas magic, this idea appeared. A guy, alone at Christmas, with a gift under the tree for his lost love. That part, comes from a very personal place. But, I took it upon myself to rewrite the story, and give it a beautiful, heartwarming ending. I mean, it’s Christmas after all! Emily and I have been talking about doing something together for a while. We struck up a friendship earlier this year. I fell in love with her voice the first time I heard it. She’s the perfect addition to this song, and story.”- Ryan Hamilton

“Recording from home has not been without its challenges but you just have to get on with it! Ryan has been great and super supportive and patient with me and my terrible knowledge of technology! I can’t wait for everyone to hear the track. Also let’s hope we continue making great songs together!”- Emily Capell

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Brian Ray “Got A New Thing” / “Whiskey Train” (ft. Carla Olsen)

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At the age of 19, Brian James became the musical director for Etta James, where he stayed for 15 years. Currently, he is one of the guitarists with Paul McCartney. He’s also worked in the studio with Kelly Clarkson, Johnny Hallyday, Willy DeVille, and more. He also fronts The Bayonets along with Oliver Lieber (son of R&B songwriter Jerry Leiber of Leiber & Stoller).

“Writers have always juggled their desire for free expression with the audience’s ‘need to know’ regarding the meanings behind their writing. In the case of “Got A New Thing” I was inspired by garage pop’s ease in expressing exultation and the idea of righteous justice being met. It’s the “You’re gonna get yours” kind of expression found in so many great tunes.

In the case of Got A New Thing, it’s mostly about justice being meted out for the victims of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of the Epsteins and Weinsteins, etc of the world. The singer imagines the corrupt abuser being walked away in handcuffs, and with this judgement met, the victims have a new life – a New Thing Now. After being objectified and abused, the avenger objectifies the perpetrator with a song.

I know… sexual abuse is not a very R&R subject but freedom and justice sure are. Of course, people are always going to come up with their own lyric definition and I would never get in their way of expressing that. It’s whatever you’d like it to mean!”- Brian Ray

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