itoldyouiwouldeatyou Release Debut Album Oh Dearism
16th November 2018 via Alcopop! Records x Failure By Design

itoldyouiwouldeatyou are that most beautifully human of things: a contradiction. They are a group of young people with the wisdom of older souls; they are angry as hell, and they are loving and kind; at times they are violent, but with a fragility that underpins everything they do; they are deadly serious, and they are seriously irreverent.

The multi-faceted indie-punk/emo/experimental collective will release their debut album, Oh Dearism, later this year via various formats in a collaboration from Alcopop! Records, Failure By Design Records and Beth Shalom Records. It’s a startling debut that should instantly mark them out as one of the most very special bands that the UK underground DIY scene currently has to offer.

Lying at the heart of their music are questions that some people spend a lifetime trying to answer—questions about identity, about love and sexuality, about gender, about morality and responsibility, about the social and political structures which constrain us, and about the fitness of the institutions and systems that underpin modern society to provide us with a world that works for us all.


“This record is about me trying to come back into the world after a long period of hiding from it,” says vocalist Joey Ashworth, the focal point of this uniquely poised collective. “Remembering what I liked about living outside of my house, and what led me to hide in the first place. Striking the balance of informed naiveté—to remain open hearted, uncynical and prepared for the worst.”


Over the past year, ITYIWEY have slowly but surely been assembling a family of like-minded fans and friends across the country—a community, an army of allies and empathic humans who sense there is something deeply troubling coalescing at the heart of our shared experience.

Merging art, music, literature, politics, philosophy and intellectualism with a fervent devotion to a myriad of popular subcultures, their music is a step through the looking glass into the post-truth soup of absurdism that so many young adults are struggling to swim through in 2018.


Building on their previously released Get Terrified EP, their debut album is a further exploration of the band’s talent for finding balance within their own sound, as they straddle a range of genres from punk, emo and math-rock to wall-of-noise guitar parts and lo-fi indie.


With early praise for the band at key publications including NME, DIY, UPSET, DORK, Goldflakepaint and many more, the band’s previous singles have addressed a variety of themes, including Ashworth’s experiences of being discriminated against as non-binary and bisexual, while also taking aim at what the band sees as “cowardly” centrism in British politics.


“I’m not sure all my feelings are my own—” continues Ashworth, exploring the creative ideas driving the material. “The first half of this record is an attempt to work out whose they might be. I couldn’t work that out, but I think that it is someone’s intention that I should feel this way. It’s confusing. I know that I am easier to manage when I’m confused.


“The second half is about accepting that I can’t understand mine or anyone’s feelings, and that’s OK, so I let my feelings drift, and I end up remembering how I hid away in the first place. In my own little Craiglockhart.


“It’s about Wilfred Owen, King Harold, Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves and Vladislav Surkov. All of these represent real people in my life at various different times. Some of them are me, too.


“I hope you enjoy it.”




20th September – Brighton – Castle Bar  ^
13th October – Plymouth- – Turbulence Festival
17th November – Manchester – Soup Kitchen  *
18th November – London – Scala  *

^ w/ Delta Sleep + Tangled Hair

*w/ Tricot




Produced by Bob Cooper and itoldyouiwouldeatyou

Mixed by Bob Cooper at Crooked Rain in Leeds

Recorded between Crooked Rain in Leeds (by Bob Cooper) and itoldyouiwouldeatyou’s house in New Cross.

Mastered by Tom Langrish

Artwork by Clumsy Bodies and Chevy Blazer






Ollie Greville – bass (they/them, he/him)

Joey Ashworth – vocals (they/them )

Josh See – guitar (he/him)

Sean Westall –drums (they/them)

Alexei Berrow – guitar (he/him)

Holly Readman – vocals and samples (she/her)

Connor Freeman – keys (he/him)

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