Italian metalcore quintet Waves in Autumn tackle industry ego, get back to nature with “Foxland”

Italian metalcore crew Waves in Autumn are on a mission of nature and nurture. Encouraging listeners to cherish the environment and champion an atmosphere within the music industry where collaboration thrives and unchecked egos are tempered.

New single “Foxland” is the beginning of a new chapter for the band, as they announce upcoming EP Burning Season, set for release in early 2024.

Watch the brand new music video HERE.

Speaking on the new track, the band’s Davide Cavaioli shares: “”Foxland” stands as the flagship single of our upcoming EP Burning Season, and delves into the corrosive nature of toxic competition within the music domain. Rediscovering the vitality of live performances, we confronted the paradoxical force of music: its potential to unite versus its susceptibility to ego-driven conflicts. This duality gave birth to “Foxland,” a reflection on the industry challenges that hinder collaboration and growth.”

Cavaioli continues: “As “Foxland” takes the lead, we envision an all-encompassing environment where artists and audiences unite to celebrate the wonder of artistic expression. With this track, we lay the groundwork for change in the music industry – an anthem for unity, empathy, and collective pursuit of profound artistry.”

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Foxland Artwork

The hills of Bergamo in Northern Italy are a powerful setting to be enveloped by the beauty and power of nature. Waves in Autumn explore the corrosive effect of humankind on both the planet and each other, presenting vivid and expressive storytelling against the backdrop of scintilating riffs and skullcrushing breakdowns.

Having earned over half a million streams with their body of work so far, Waves in Autumn are far from a hidden gem. The band’s thought-provoking and potent brand of modern hardcore is parlayed with immersive melodies, for a soundscape dripping with atmosphere and intrigue.

2022 EP Totem, a savage study of human nature and our stewardship over the planet, was an ambitious and highly engaging juxtaposition of heavy and melodic. The Italian quintet are unapologetic in their exploration of truth and betterment, but are looking to become agents of change, rather than merely naysayers or prophets of doom.

New single “Foxland” presents a thrilling blend of technique and storytelling, with Waves of Autumn’s riveting riffs and soaring injections of melody magnifying a narrative that bears both caution and optimism. Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill), the new track announces the beginning of the Burning Season cycle, one that is set to project Waves of Autumn into the hearts and minds of heavy fans globally.


Waves in Autumn is:
Maicol Farina
David Farina
Ronny Panza
Davide Cavaioli
Lorenzo Airoldi


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