Italian black/death metal act KRIGERE WOLF unveil details about new MCD “Eternal Holocaust”


Catania, Italy based black/death metal band KRIGERE WOLF are going to release their sixth studio album Eternal Holocaust on April 1, 2019 in digital format. Polish label Lower Silesian Stronghold will release the physical copies later in April.

Eternal Holocaust is the new sonic assault by Sicilian blacksters Krigere Wolf. After having explored many different areas of extreme music during their ten years of existence, Krigere Wolf come back to their origins with a direct, in-your-face and no-frills release. The choice of the MCD format sounds like a declaration of intent, the album lasting less than thirty minutes: straight to the point.

Mastermind, drummer, bass player and lyricist Rick Costantino comments: “This is our tenth year of activity, thus we want to release a good and competitive work to satisfy the extreme metal fans. Eternal Holocaust is a short but intense ear massacre, yet featuring the typical melodies of the Krigere Wolf-sound.
In a metaphorical and almost poetic sense, lyrics evoke death and destruction for the whole humanity. A vortex of fire, a universal pyre occurring while you enclose your mind in a trascendental meditation among obscure cosmic abysses. This primordial feeling is supported by a sound recalling the Valkyrie’s echo in Valhalla.”

Concerning the new two-piece line-up, Rick adds: “The album has been written exclusively by Salvatore Leonardi and me. We rehearsed a lot together to reach the final goal. We entered the Morning View Studio (Catania, Italy) in August 2018 starting with the drums session, then we worked on guitar and bass arrangements and the vocal lines. The works ended in December, at the same time we contacted the label. Now we’re working with the live session members, we’re planning some show focused on this new release.”

Eternal Holocaust has been recorded and mixed by Giacomo Iannaci at Morning View Studio (Catania, Italy). Artwork by DZ Design, layout by Rick Costantino.

1. Primordial (Intro)
2. Eternal Holocaust
3. Blasphemous Chaos Magnifience
4. Mystic Genocide
5. Vision of Death
6. Night’s Blood (Dissection tribute)


Rick Costantino – Drums, bass, lyrics
Salvatore Leonardi – Guitars


Gabriele Catania – Vocals
Valerio Cimino – Vocals

FFO: Dissection, Marduk, Mgla, Watain, Emperor, Belphegor


Krigere Wolf were formed in 2009 by Rick Costantino as a one-man band. The band release their debut album The Ancient Culture to Kill (Armed God Records) in 2012 with a full line-up.
After many line-up changes the bands sign for Fallen Angels Productions to release Sacrifice to Valaskjàlf (2014). The line-up features guest drummer Riccardo Grechi (Across The SwarmPulvis Et Umbra) and guitarist Azmeroth Szandor (Heretical).

In 2015 the label includes Krigere Wolf in The Beginning of the End split with Waldschrat (Austria), Notre Amertume (France) e Antiquus Scriptum (Portugal). The two tracks included into the split are written and recorded entirely by Rick Costantino. Then the band get ready to new records and live shows featuring new members Salvatore Leonardi (guitar, Nerobove), drummer Dario Petralia and vocalist Gabriele Catania (GangrenectomyFordomth).

The band release the single “Solar Storms” some months ahead their third full length Infinite Cosmic Evocation (Fallen Angels Productions, 2016), reinventing their sound by drawing upon more primordial and sinister atmospheres. The album is mixed and mastered by M. Devo Andersson (Marduk) at Endarker Studio (Swe).

In 2018 Fallen Angels Productions releases E.C.A – Extermination Cult Alliance, split album with Japanese thrash/blacksters Sabbat.



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