Israeli metallers VESSEL release their debut EP ‘Behind The Walls’ , out now on Golden Robot Records

Israeli metallers VESSEL release their debut EP ‘Behind The Walls’ , out now on Golden Robot Records.

Driving a sound that sits somewhere between Iron Maiden and Dio, VESSEL show that quality metal can be found in all corners of the globe.

’s first EP is the result of a long journey into the fundamentals of hard rock and heavy metal, bringing in a combination of powerful riffs, thunderous drums, and a voice that will be hard to forget. Behind The Walls is an invitation to a 5 song ride that will connect an old soul with a modern body. The EP follows on from singles ‘Shape of the Devil’, ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Keep Running’, which provide a taste of what powerful sounds will be heard throughout the rest of the release.

Behind The Walls Tracklisting:
1. Keep Running
2. First Rain
3. Shape of the Devil
4. Overdrive
5. Behind The Walls

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Keep Running
‘Keep Running’ could give the impression of another non-realistic storytelling song, when in fact it’s more real than one may think. This song is about facing the unknown, believing in yourself and being restless when pursuing your objectives. No matter what others will say or how scary the road might be, the heavy groove in this song and its hectic ending will remind you of one thing: you must keep running.

First Rain
‘First Rain’ reflects dualities. Hope and despair, love and hate, pleasure and pain- the way we deal with choices and emotions will define who we are and how we see things at a certain moment in time.
With heavy riffs and melodic vocal lines, this song tells the story of living with every decision one makes along the way and learning to expand the horizon of possibilities that that brings.

Shape of the Devil
Every culture has a devil, and every devil has a different shape. ‘Shape of the Devil’ is about our many devils inside of us, everything that represents someone’s more vulnerable side. With a calmer touch at first and a daring chorus, this song creates a balance with our own frailty and imperfections to find peace of mind.

The meaning of the word ‘Overdrive’ defines this song. It is a state of great or excessive activity – about pushing the limits, for the good or for the bad. ‘Overdrive’ is an intense song that describes the experience of overmeasure. An overdose of rock!

Behind the Walls
A horror movie in a song. The occult is something that always caused fascination throughout human history. And this song is an invitation to cross the veil into the unknown. ‘Behind The Walls’, the song that baptizes the EP, is a nightmarish journey about the inevitable end and what lies beyond, with a fat guitar and drum sound, dark vocal melodies and some unexpected tribal touches during the song.

Stream ‘Keep Running’, ‘Shape of the Devil’ and ‘Overdrive’ on Spotify HERE

Vessel is all about thundering drums, powerful riffs, and a voice you will never forget. The band emerged back in early 2018 in Tel-Aviv (Israel), aka the city that never sleeps, to cover their greatest influences of hard rock and heavy metal. Soon after, they committed to playing their own original material. Through Vessel, Bruno, Ariel, Mark and Mor found themselves in the journey of modernizing the old school heavy metal we all love.   They believe hard rock and metal took a wrong turn somewhere in history, and they are on their way to straighten the wheel and make their old idols proud. Vessel is made for all fans of hard rock music, being influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, WASP, AC/DC, Dio, Sabbath, Maiden and all the classics! This is just the beginning of the story, the beginning of rock n roll’s history rewriting.

Vessel is:
Bruno V. Passy (vocals) from the depths of Brazil
Ariel Maman (guitars) from the hot lands of Spain
Mark ‘Deadfish’ Preis (bass) from southern Brazil
Mor Harpazi (drums) from the desert of Israel

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