Iron Wings – Release New Single “Devil’s Lullaby”

Latvian Heavy/Thrash Metal band Iron Wings release new Single “Devil’s Lullaby”!


The song is a single from the upcoming album. The main theme of the song is one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”. The song and the upcoming album form parallels with the already released album “Dzejnieks” (“The Poet”).

The main idea of the song is to make us to think about what we have become in less than a year, when even the closest people and friends in the saturated sea of views lose their humanity and are ready to tear each other apart in the name of only acceptable ideas.

This fear, ignorance, intolerance of diversity of opinion is also the poison that poisoned our world and ourselves. Are we, the society that incites hatred, not the ones who create this hell in which we live?

Iron Wings – heavy/thrash metal band from Riga, Latvia, founded at the year 2016. Since then have been sharing the stage with a lot of local support and have shared the stage with a lot of foreign acts from over the world. In the music making process the band is mixing together heavy and thrash metal creating their own unique sound. At the end of 2017 released EP “Tumšie miglāji” (“Dark Nebulae”). In 2020 band have released new album “Dzejnieks” (“The Poet”).

Iron Wings – Devil’s Lullaby
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