IRON LAMB release “Apocalypse Express” video

‘Blue Haze’ album released October 26, 2018

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Today Iron Lamb is releasing their ‘Apocalyse Express’. It´s the second single from the bands upcoming album ‘Blue Haze’ set for release the 26th of October on The Sign Records. Yesterday Decibel Magazine premiered the bands video. It´s actually more of a short film and a homage to Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez.

This original story written and directed by Jimmy Johansson is a tongue in cheek short filled with nods and tributes to Quentin and Robert. The video features the members of Iron Lamb as the actors along with cult icon Christina Lindberg (“Thriller – A Cruel Picture”), award winning director Nic Cramer (“A Clockwork Orgy”, “Penetrator 2: Grudge Day”) and a special voice appearance by the legendary Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and the creator of “The Toxic Avenger”).

We promise the video is a killer, watch it here:

“Fuzzed-out, psychedelic Swedish rockers Iron Lamb might have the best music video of the year with “Apocalypse Express.” Forget grainy rehearsal footage and bands playing unplugged instruments in a forest or industrial park. The video for “Apocalypse Express,” directed by Jimmy Johansson, plays like an old crime film spoof featuring Swedish exploitation film actress Christina Lindberg, who acted in various ’70s films. If you’re a fan of Tarantino, fuzz rock or crime films, the video is a must watch.” – Decibel Magazine

Pre-order album here:

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‘Blue Haze’ is the third album from Iron Lamb set for release the 26th of October on The Sign Records. Iron Lamb has raised the bar and the production provides a timeless sound that gives space for songwriting and craftsmanship. The weighed down and dark sense in the music stand next to a grim sense of humor. ’Blue Haze’ is a new chapter where the band is not rewriting history. It’s the start of something new. On ’Blue Haze’ there is an overflow of impressions at the same time as there are no compromises with tremendous force that the band brings to the live stage. There are multiple dimensions and layers on the new album. An album that holds a dark and apocalyptic depiction.

Iron Lamb have turned the fusion of metal and punk into their own style of Rock and/or Roll. Iron Lambs foundation is still there with an ”up yours” style of pumped classic rock at the same time as influences get much wider on ’Blue Haze’. On tracks as ’Iron and the Lamb’ and ’Into the Night’ the band finds themselves nearer a more epic sound. Tracks as ‘The Hunt’ or ’Bound by Gravity’ is a pure unleash or raw rock n roll energy. The opening track ’Apocalypse Express’ is perhaps the best example of how the band combines these opposite into their third, powerful and dynamic album.

Blue Haze was recorded and mixed by Martin ’Konie’ Ehrencrona (producer of In Solitude, Viagra Boys, and Tribulation) in Studio Cobra. Andreas Sandberg (Negative Self) plays keyboard and mellotron on the song ’Into the Night’. ’Koine’ plays keyboard and piano on ’Erase/Rewind’ and Hammond organ on ’Dead Beat’. Iron Lamb has been around for ten years and released two albums The Original Sin (2011/Pulverised Records) and Fools Gold (2015/High Roller Records). Except for the dark vibe over ‘Blue Haze’, there are few resemblances to bands as Repugnant, Martyrdöd, Dismember, Diskonto, General Surgery, Tyrant, and Insision where the members have served time. Iron Lamb third album ‘Blue Haze’ is their most complete album to this day.

“Musically, they are able to integrate all their influences into their totally -after three studio albums- personal sound by interpreting their references impressively instead of copying them dogmatically. They don’t deny their punk roots and extreme past as they filter it with a street mindset by introducing a multitude of rock and roll elements with N.W.O.B.H.M. interventions and 70’s rock melodies that create a flawless effect. Blue Haze consists of 8 excellent tracks so it makes no sense to just quote my personal favorite titles.” – Metal Invader

“[The] blending of rough ‘n’ ready punk sensibilities with classic hard rock calls to mind bands like Motorhead or Monster Magnet” – The Independent Voice

“They are able to integrate all their influences into their totally personal sound by interpreting their references impressively instead of copying them dogmatically” – Metal Invader

“What sets Iron Lamb apart from their contemporaries is their ability to sound like they came out of 1977 without sounding like anything you’ve ever heard from 1977” – Glacially Musical

“The perfect match of melody and aggression. Pure Heavy Metal to the bones” – Metal Addicts

Do Iron Lamb spark a rock firework? They for sure do” – Markus’ Heavy Music Blog

“Helt vill tipping, men jeg har det for meg at halvparten av bandet må være Kiss-frelst, mens den andre halvparten får promille bare av å høre ordet Motorhead” – Metal Norge

“All in all this is a great fuckin’ album” – SCUMFEAST METAL666 BLOG

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Everybody knows rock & roll gained perfection in the late 70’s, it’s a scientific fact. Between them, bands like Thin Lizzy, Ramones, Motörhead and Ac/Dc found the pure essence of hard music and rolled with it. Since then, punk and metal has gradually been twisted into extreme forms, or watered down to commercial blandness. Eventually the pure formula was lost, the rock just didn’t roll as it used to. Since its formation in 2009, Iron Lamb has made it their quest to search for that original formula and avoid all the trends of late. They emerged to rock and/or roll.

Iron Lamb was formed by guitarist Johan Wallin, drummer Tomas Daun and vocalist Gustaf Lindström in 2009, soon to be joined by bass player Daniel Ekeroth. As all these members have quite extreme musical backgrounds, in bands such as Repugnant, Insision, General Surgery and Tyrant, it all started out quite punkish. Through a slew of 7” singles and debut album The Original Sin they gravitated towards a more riff based rock, echoing the days of old. The debut gig as openers for punk legends Poison Idea led to a row of strange concerts and tours, where the band stood out as a sore thumb as they appeared along bands like Vomitory, Ghost, Turbonegro, Bolt Thrower. It worked, people just seemed to long for direct rock & roll again. You see, they started to remember. Remember metal without clichés and punk without dogmas, a time when the music itself mattered.

The addition of second guitarist Jens Bäckelin opened new doors to Lizzy-esque harmonies, and when gravelly-voiced Daniel Bragman carried on the torch of original singer Gustaf the band took yet another step in the direction of solid rock. Second album Fools Gold followed a one way track into real music in a climate where fixed genres dominated the scenes. In 2015, it was as direct as any rock & roll album out there. Some touring and festival appearances gained them further attention from the punk and metal scenes alike, both genres claiming them as their own. This was not your average retro-band trying to cash in on some traditional style, this was pure music and people recognized it. The rock was rolling again.

With their latest album Blue Haze, Iron Lamb is now here to make the record straight once more. The album is packed with catchy riffs and grooves that are completely their own. Raw, heavy, catchy and intense as hell without any of the stereotype patterns or uniforms normally associated with punk and metal genres. Iron Lamb is here to bring back that pure rock & roll formula, and you are invited for the ride on the apocalypse express.

Can you dig it?!

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