Irish prog-metallers NEBULARIS release single ‘Holocene’

Irish prog-metallers NEBULARIS release single ‘Holocene‘, out now.


In keeping with the bands previous singles ‘Subnautica’ and ‘Cataclysm’ earlier this year, Dublin-based Nebularis present their latest hybrid of Progressive Metal and heart-soaring melodies with, ‘Holocene’, which is available from September 29th on all streaming platforms.

Melding elements of progressive Metal with concepts of cinematic futuristic space travel, Nebularis drew attention almost immediately thanks to their captivating arrangements and powerful vocals from frontman, Hytham Martin. Starting out as a three-piece the band spent the early part of Summer 2023 seeking a full-time bassist, leading to the introduction of one Riccardo DiMaio in July.

Speaking of the new single, the band comments: “Holocene is possibly our heaviest, darkest and the most cinematic track up to date. It reveals a much heavier side to Hytham’s vocals, while and yet maintains to the touching nature of his clean vocals.  
Riff-wise, Mo created a much more ominous mood with this one while still maintaining her melodic signature sound creating a Yin-Yang effect. Drum-wise Damian created a very strong foundation, and kept with the frantic and hopeful theme of the song. You can hear all his usual “proggy” grooves as well as the more extreme part of his playing. ‘Holocene’ the fastest double bass part in Nebularis’ catalogue to date. 
Synth and orchestration wise Holocene is a lot more cinematic compared to the other two tracks with a very special surprise in the middle of the song. Over all the main things that set the song apart from others are combination of moods, and the brand new cinematic elements that take the listener on a whole new journey.

Check out the new single HERE

Nebularis are:
Mó Sheerin (Guitars/Keys)
Hytham Martin (Vocals)
Damian Dziennik (Drums/Percussion)
Riccardo DiMaio (Bass)