Irish indie rocker IANN BRENNAN releases single ‘Game Over’, out now on AGR Records

Irish indie rocker IANN BRENNAN releases single ‘Game Over‘, out now on AGR Records.

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‘Game Over’ is the lead single off Brennan’s  debut album, written by the singer himself and performed with his band, recorded and produced by renowned Irish producer Ray Traynor. The quality of this song caught the attention of Hot Press magazine who made it their ‘Hot Press track of the day’.

Iann Brennan is an Irish Indie Rock artist from Dublin, Ireland. Playing guitar from the age of 12 and after spending time in some bands, Iann decided to go solo and one of his first gigs was a support slot to renowned Irish band Aslan. After connecting with Irish producer Ray Traynor, who Iann has worked with ever since, he has gone on to write a collection of anthemic, melodic, catchy, heartfelt songs which are influenced by Iann’s heroes such as Oasis, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and Stereophonics. His unique brand of entertainment fuses anthemic melodic songs and driving guitar lines with energetic and witty stage banter that will make you want to sing and get lost in the music.

Iann’s music reached the ears of German label AGR Television Records, where he signed to the label in 2023 and released the album ‘Start As You Mean To Go On‘, which is out now. Featured on Start As You Mean To Go On is original Aslan songwriter/bassist Tony McGuinness, who heard Brennan’s tunes and wanted to be part of the album. He brings his own flair of magical, grooving bass lines to the record. “A pleasure to be part of Iann’s debut album. He just rocks it.

Damien Dempsey shares of the rising talent: “Within Iann Brennan’s soaring anthemic melodies are lots of wise lines between the cracking hooks. If he’s playing near you, do yourself a favour and try to get to him, he’s the bomb.”

Adding to the list of album credentials, U2’s renowned album designer Steve Averill lended his talents to the album cover, logo and artwork on Brennan’s soon-to-be-released album.

Plans are now being made for a tour during the summer/autumn of 2024. Notable past performances include opening for Damien Dempsey, Aslan, Declan O’Rourke, Mary Coghlan, Hazel O’Connor, Eddi Reader and Lisa Hannigan.