Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review
Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review 8
Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review 8
Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review 8
Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review 8
Introvert // Mending Breaking // EP Review 8
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Newcastle Punks Introvert is back with an angsty, riff-laden and punchy EP Mending Breaking which drops via UNFD. 

As you would expect it is a fast-paced affair, balls out with no prisoners taken you’re immediately propelled into a hefty collection of gnarly recordings that make you wanna wreck the joint! It may be short and sweet at only six songs but it certainly whets the appetite for what this crazy quartet is all about. Banging track after track with intense riffle fused with melodic and powerful vocal delivery makes sure you’re kept on your toes throughout. 

If you feel like an EP that will blow the cobwebs off and revitalize your love of savage Punk-Rock then Mending Breaking is just what the doctor has ordered, Audie Franks explains that the release hones in on the idea of self-loathing, and the feeling of knowing you’re in a rut and need to get out.

“Sometimes you get in those spaces and you want others to help you, but you also want to be able to do it yourself,” he says. “The title came about because of the idea of someone trying to fix themselves and going through cycles of mending and then breaking again. If you listen to the EP from start to finish it actually goes around in that circle of mending and breaking.”

Arguably capturing the idea of this roller coaster in full is the EP’s title track ‘Mending Breaking’. Franks explains that it stands on the heavier side of all their work, and that searing heaviness seizes the aggravation of trying over and over to piece yourself together (hear the line: “I’m struggling with everything, I always let myself down with this self-doubt, I have to pull myself out of this self-doubt”.)

You can just imagine the sheer intensity of these tracks transferred to the live stage, brutal and like a blow to the head, a wake-up call to keep you focused. You can rest assured here that this isn’t just an album with slamming guitar riffs that are messy, you have real technical ability here displayed across the EP that shows an ability and musicianship of some quality. 


Mending Breaking is out Friday 21st February via UNFD.



1. Find A Way

2. Dreamers

3. As Long As You Know

4. Somewhere Else

5. Mending Breaking

6. All I Know

 ‘Somewhere Else’ and ‘Dreamers’





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