Introducing UK Rockers CANCEL THE TRANSMISSION As They Share Their Influences & Inspiration

UK rockers CANCEL THE TRANSMISSION despatch driving rock cuts with alluring hooks and muscular riffs. The South Wales rock unleash their new single, Rise Again, on Friday 30th April. With buzz building around the band, we asked the guys for their top six tracks: and we dig their answers!

Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses):

Slash’s guitar playing has had a massive influence on our lead guitarist Josh’s playing. The solo transitions between slow melodic lines and fast lead runs complement the song and this is what Josh’s aims to achieve in his solos. //

Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi):

For me this song has everything a rock song needs, an unmistakable intro, melodic storytelling verses, an anthemic chorus and a guitar solo that kicks you in the face not forgetting the bass grooves that were the main reason for me playing bass. //

The Doctor (The Treatment):

This tune has had an influence on Cancel The Transmission’s guitar sound for sure. Big, in your face, ballsy guitar riff, killer solo, this track has it all. An all-out powerhouse of a track similar to the style of the songs from our debut album ‘Live It Up’. //

I Believe in a Thing Called Love (The Darkness):

The drums in this track reflect what true hard rock drums should be. A tight solid and simple beat that holds the song together and is not overplayed, dotted with occasional fills to add flare to the song. All-round killer band in general! //

Back In Black (AC/DC):

Another rock anthem with a heavyweight riff. AC/DC’s style in general has played a big part in our sound. That big, bright and punchy sound, achieved by playing open 5th chords is something that we include in a lot of our riffs because of AC/DC. //

Weightless (All Time Low):

This one more from a vocal melody perspective. Our vocalist Justin’s roots are in the pop-rock/pop-punk style of music and All Time Low were one of his favourite bands growing up. We have always tried to combine powerful rock riffs with pop-influenced vocal melodies to create a unique hybrid crossover sound that has the best of both worlds. Ballsy riffs and infectious vocal melodies are what we’re all about. //

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