Introducing TramstonValley // Japanese 3 Piece Rock Band – Acoustic Band Based In Tokyo

TramstonValley is Japanese 3 piece rock band and acoustic band based in Tokyo. The band started in summer 2018 Sounds like rock, post grunge, blues rock, and sweet acoustic. メンバー はるき- Vo&Gt, チビ わらび- Ba, お父さん ノギ- Dr,

1. : So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

Haruki – I was singing by solo in open mic at a small book shop, that time I met Wallaby(bass). 

 Then we played a  2 piece acoustic duo for a while. 

Maybe it was 3,4 years ago. Also me and Nogi(drums), already played on another jam. session, one day Nogi came to the book shop. So we played by 3 piece style. That time we had a really good feeling, So We formed a band very naturally.

2. What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to,.

Haruki – We released 1st single “First 3” on December 21st 2019.  And released 2nd single “From inside of me(stayhome edit.)” on July 25th 2020. Also, those music is available on almost any site.


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TramstonValley「First 3 – Single」

TramstonValley「From inside of me (stayhome edit.) – Single」

3. What is next for you?

Haruki – We wanna make a 1st album or EP by live recording. 

And we wanna play live in another country. Also, I’m gonna release a solo acoustic EP.

So Where Do You Pull Your Influences & Inspiration From? 

Haruki (vocals and guitar)

This video is the most important to restart my music career. 

When I watched this video, I’ve already retired from music. 

But I thought I wanna play the music again.  I remember playing a guitar for the first time in a few years. 

I knew passion was back to me at that moment.

Wallaby (bass)

This song put me on the path I’m still in today.

It taught me that there is no limit to musical expression.

Nogi (drums)

I learned groove on the Rock music from this music. 

When I play drums I’m keeping to take feel Rock groove of this music everytime.

( If you are a solo artist you are welcome to supply a few examples )


 TramstonValley Online:



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