Alabama-native Tim Dugger‘s new EP ‘Signs Of A Good Time’  is out now on Curb Records (listen here) – we’re looking for ‘introducing’ pieces, EP reviews and possible interview opportunities – so please check out the music and info below and let me know what you think?

Watch the video for lead single ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’ here:,

and the most recent of his This Is Tim Dugger video series, where he returns to the Talladega Superspeedway and tells the story of playing for NASCAR crowds for the first time:

The six-song EP, produced by Dan Huff protégé Brandon Hood, gives fans a glimpse into Dugger’s love for racing, traditional Country music and his rural upbringing rooted in faith and family, including the tongue-in-cheek “Circles” and dive bar tune “Home Away From Home.”

Country music singer/songwriter and Alabama-native Tim Dugger grew up on NASCAR racing, Gospel singing and classic Country music. He developed a genuine love for songwriting and storytelling during summers spent at his local music store jamming with bluegrass pickers. After being introduced to former NASCAR driver and team owner Richard Childress, Dugger was off to the races, playing his original songs at nearly every major track in America. Along the way, he cultivated an unapologetic artistic identity, rooted in the music of his childhood idols like Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin, Hank Williams and Alan Jackson. Signed to Curb Records, Dugger’s new six-song EP, Signs Of A Good Time, is currently available.

For more information visit: / Instagram (@tim_dugger) / Facebook (@OfficialTimDugger).

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