Introducing – The Sounds Of Settling – New Artist Releases Debut Single “Healing Failures”

The Sounds Of Settling is the solo project of Dr. Rob Bednarz, original guitarist for the New Jersey pop-punk band Hands on the Stereo and junior doctor in Dundee, Scotland. With a background in medicine and a passion for punk rock, Rob brings a unique perspective and energy to his music that is sure to captivate listeners.

Before dedicating his life to medicine, Rob was the guitarist for Hands On The Stereo, a New Jersey pop punk band from 2008-2013. Though he left the music scene to follow his true passion of becoming a doctor, he never forgot his love for creating and performing.

After his experiences with the COVID pandemic, burnout, and overall tragedies and miracles in the medical field, he decided to write music again as a form of escape. With a mix of catchy riffs, relatable lyrics, and a whole lot of heart, The Sounds of Settling is a must-listen for fans of pop punk and beyond.

His EP (prod: Mark Tindal of Open Eyes Productions [To Kill Achilles, Eleanor Hickey, Katie Nicoll]), is set to debut later this year. The Sounds Of Settling delves into the raw and emotional experiences he has encountered in the medical field, offering a unique and personal perspective on the human experience. With Rob’s distinctive blend of medical and musical expertise, The Sounds Of Settling is an artist to watch.

About the song ‘Healing Failures’:

“Healing Failures” delves into the common and emotional conversations that happen between a doctor and a patient, specifically regarding the difficult decision of signing a Do Not Resuscitate form. The song is a raw and honest reflection on the challenges that come with taking control of your own medical decisions, and not letting external forces dictate your fate.

Dr. Bednarz’s unique perspective as both a musician and a doctor brings a refreshing authenticity to the pop punk genre. His powerful vocals and catchy guitar riffs are perfectly paired with deeply personal lyrics that will resonate with anyone who has faced difficult decisions in their own lives.

What Rob says about the song;

“Honestly, it’s tough. At the end of the day, at least here in the UK, the doctor makes the final decision if we think that the patient will just not get any benefit from us cracking their ribs, trying to bring them back to life – whatever quality of it will be left of it anyway. So I’m sure that these talks are tough for a lot of patients, but they need to make that ultimate choice internally. This can reflect on any other scenario, where you just want someone else to make the tough decision for you, but really, you just gotta buckle down and make it for yourself – whether it’s right or not. If you don’t, someone will make that decision for you.”





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