Introducing Portland Hard Rock/Metal Quartet Cobra Cobra – Guitarist Derek Reeder Talks Influences & Inspiration

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Portland hard rock/metal quartet Cobra Cobra has dropped a new music video for “A Little Dark, A Little Sick”.

“A Little Dark, A Little Sick” is taken from the Pacific Northwest outfit’s debut full-length ‘Life After Poison’, out now on Rat Family Records.

Portland, OR’s Cobra Cobra hones the best of resonating hard rock and relentless modern metal on their debut LP ‘Life After Poison’.

With brothers Derek and Chancelor Reeder joined by Fallstar’s Chris Ratzlaff on vocals and Derek’s former bass protege Bryce VanHoosen, the band have captured a genre-bending rookie LP that channels classic rock vibes, ambitious post-hardcore leaning riffs and explosive drums, with an accessible and melodic execution.

Channelling influence from the likes of Van Halen, King’s X, Pantera and Joe Satriani the 12-track full-length released in summer 2020 captures the broad heavy music catchment, wowing listeners with its blend of boisterous breakdowns and big choruses.

Guitarist Derek Reeder Shares His Influences & Inspiration & We Like His Style!!!

Pantera – 25 Years

Huge drum influence from the Pantera camp. During the recording process, we actually showed this song to our engineer to show him how good filthy metal drums can be.

While there are droves of amazing Pantera songs we feel “25 Years” showcases Vinnie Paul’s drumming in a cool way. The song gradually builds up to the moment at 4:35 when Vinnie comes crashing in with one of his nastiest fills ever, demonstrating unbelievable speed and control while of course remaining appropriate to the song.

Pantera is hands down one of our top bands that keeps us practising and working on chops.

Crimson Glory – Where Dragons Rule

Doug Pinnick from Kings’s X has often mentioned how low in the mix the bass sits in Metal these days and we agree he’s got a point.

There are some sick bassists out there but even in some of our favourite bands, the bass just follows the guitar 90% of the time.

We feel that bass is just as important as a kick drum in establishing the backbone of a song. This song really captures our ideal sound for sick 80’s metal bass.

This epic track features a thumping bass that really holds the track together, it wouldn’t be the same without it.

Joe Satriani – Ice Nine

Satch is a huge influence and a great innovator. The way he can describe sounds really stuck with me. Some examples that are hard to forget are the “lizard down the throat” effect (whammy sliding trick) found in songs like “Lords of Karma” or his “Ice Chords” found on the track “Ice-Nine.” These “Ice Chords” during the Main Riff and Verse Sections are crystal clear and refreshing sounding chords that are perfectly in tune.

When it came to rhythm guitars on our album many of our riffs are voiced on the top 4 strings to keep things clear and defined. We honed in on that “Ice Chord” accuracy sound during the bridge breakdown riff found our opener “The Conquering. “

Silent Planet – Trilogy

This one is a pretty good example of some newer influences that filter into the creative process. We love all the old school stuff but also are constantly keeping our ears peeled for current musicians.

The drums in this one have a plethora of cool stuff going on. From the ghost notes on the hi-hats to the off-time beats, and the use of that right side floor tom. Super tasty. The drummer’s timing is locked in too. It’s a perfect example of the kind of thing that catches our ear these days.

Tim Skold and Harry Cody – Forever

Tim Skold and Harry Cody should be household names as far as we’re concerned! Harry slays the heck out of this opening riff as often he did on the Shotgun Messiah albums.

We chose this song as an example of a great intro riff where sometimes less is more. Good note placement, tone and great timing can be far more impactful for the listener than showing off your technical chops.

While this song doesn’t have Tim on vocals it made the cut from a vibe standpoint. We’re always actively listening for things like great hooks, great timing or a great mix. We found the intro to this song particularly masterful.

Cobra Cobra’s brand new music video for “A Little Dark, A Little Sick” is out now.

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Cobra Cobra is:
Chris Ratzlaff – Vocals
Derek Reeder – Guitar
Bryce VanHoosen – Bass
Chancelor Reeder – Drums

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