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FFO: Symphony X, Leprous, TesseracT

Mobius – ‘Abhinivesha’


“Their progressive metal music is rich and has atmospheric moments, balanced by the complete opposite mood. The mastery of Heli’s vocals is deeper than a lot of bands with female vocals, [and the] lyrical choirs give the album an interstellar dimension.”
Rock Hammered

“A giant fire magma of rhythms with spices from all over the world”
French Metal

“In addition to the existing progressive elements already mentioned and the distinctive “hard” direction, MOBIUS also offers surprising moments with aspects that seem “oriental” to some extent. Tempo changes, versatile vocals … the material is varied and appealing. Even after several listenings, you will always discover something new”
Metal-Heads (DE)


Fusing a core of technical western progressive metal with middle-eastern flourishes and suggestions of jazz influence, MOBIUS are a rare and enticing delicacy for fans of intelligent, rich progressive adventures.

Taking form in the French overseas region of Reunion Island (situated to the east of Madagascar), the journey of MOBIUS began as a nameless, three-piece jazz-inspired covers band, with teenage friends Adrien Brunet (drums) Guillaume Deveaux (keyboards) and Anton Laravine (formerly on guitar) meeting regularly to play covers of their favourite bands; Dream Theater and Nightwish. Simply wishing to enjoy the technical challenges brought by the intricacies of progressive music, the three friends were, at this time, blissfully unaware of the wheels they had set in motion.

Brunet, Deveaux and Laravine continued to play together, even as they left their native homeland to study in France. The three settled in the French city of Lyon, where they met singer Heli Andrea and bass guitarist Julien Pelisson. Thus, MOBIUS was born.

Following the release of a three track EP in 2013, MOBIUS performed with the likes of Car Bomb, Trepalium, Leprous, and Stream of Passion while they composed their debut studio album ‘The Line’ (2016), which took influence from the likes of Dream Theater, Epica, Opeth, Symphony X and Haken. Adding symphonic influences and a slice of world music, MOBIUS took the foundations laid by their favourite progressive bands and built a unique monolith of sound atop them. Adding the final armament to their arsenal of rich, technical instrumentation, Heli’s lyrical blade plunged deeply with an intimate and personal message, outlining her internal strength to face hopeless situations of life such as violence, and questioning the individual place in society.

With a subsequent line-up change that introduced Xavier Pompon on guitars and Alexandre Gaudencio on bass guitar, MOBIUS became inspired to begin working on new material, further stretching their musical influences and adding yet more colour and vibrance to their bustling sonic palette. Their latest single, ‘Abhinivesha’, sees Mobius delivering a captivating dynamic battle between sweeping melodic beauty and tight, intricate rhythms. As the band explain, the song title is a sanskrit word to express fear of death and of material disappearance.


MOBIUS will release details of a forthcoming studio release in the near future, however they will first take to the stage of this year’s EUROBLAST FESTIVAL, alongside the likes of Kadinja, Vola and Uneven Structure. Further live dates can be found below.


18/09 – Rock n Eat, Lyon (with Uneven Structure)
21/09 – Lunatiques festival, Pacé (with Kadinja, Gold etc)
26/09 Euroblast Festival, Club Volta, Köln (with Kadinja, Vola, Uneven Structure etc)
11/10 – Ready for Prog festival, Metronum, Toulouse (with Pain of Salvation, Eldritch etc)
2/11 – Koolos Halloween Party, Roanne


Heli Andrea – Vocals
Xavier Pompon – Guitars
Alexandre Gaudencio – Bass Guitar
Guillaume Deveaux – Keyboards
Adrien Brunet – Drums


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