Introducing Dutch Five-Piece The Last Element

So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about The Last Element

The Last Element is a four-piece band (five in live settings) hailing from Amsterdam the Netherlands. Our rhythm section has roots in several known rock/metal outfits like Vengeance and Up the Irons prior to joining forces in the new band that was founded in 2017. Both Jasper and Noah (vocals and guitars) are the cream of the crop talents that this country has to offer so the decision to make The Last Element a new band emerging from the Netherlands (which is known for all the female-fronted bands during the last decade) was obvious. Our songs got picked up by audiences around the globe from the moment we started releasing our material on streaming platforms. Doing all the labour ourselves, no label, no publisher, no management, just a lot of passion and goodwill to make it work. So far it accumulated 1.9M streams on all the songs released, so we guess that is a very good reason to assume there is some sort of appreciation for what we do. The song material may be referred to as modern metal, modern rock or even emo metal and metalcore came around as the genres we supposedly would belong to….you tell us, it’s very confusing to us these days. What we do know is that our songs drip from a passionate love for music. Songs from the heart and every note played is meant and every lyric is about something we feel and experienced ourselves. Life challenges some of us sometimes and we guess we were in the front rows when those challenges were handed out to deal with. So the storylines of the songs are the real deal, nothing is fictional or made up. Besides, Jasper (our singer) wouldn’t be able to sing a note if he doesn’t mean what he sings, he’s that kind of guy who can’t fake it. Look at it like the songs we write are our medicine to cope with issues we went through and perhaps even still dealing with. Sharing that medicine with others facing similar situations seems like the social thing to do. Now, here we are…..

What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to.

Currently, we are in the same tight spot that every band around the globe is in, dealing with restrictions due to COVID-19. Live shows are hopefully recommencing somewhere during Fall ’21 but there’s no guarantee. So we’ll continue building our catalogue by releasing new songs we’ve written. We used the valuable time we got granted by the lock-down writing lots of new material and we are in the very fortunate position we can record all that ourselves in our own home studios. We are mixing and mastering new stuff as we speak to have a broad choice to pick from as the next release. We’ve released our latest song in March ’21, a song called ‘Cut It Off’. If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a go on any of the known streaming platforms.

What is next for you?

Next for us is hopefully getting back to a situation where lock-down measures and restrictions will be lifted and offer musicians around the globe a chance to survive. If you have to live from revenues that streaming offers, homeless people have a better position to survive to the next day so it’s really time something happens which benefits all the musicians who still managed to keep their head above water. It’s a paradox. The demand for music in these troublesome times is higher than ever before to bring people comfort and ease while those same musicians have to fight to survive. We are holding on like many others do and hope for better days to come.

Tell Us About Your Influences & Inspiration

Pose the question to each of us individually and you’ll get 4 completely different lists of bands and artists we appreciate. And we are all ok with those differences because that broadens the horizon of musical influences and approaches for us which at the end of the day results in sounding like we do. So, I’m sorry but we’re not delivering an endless list because that would probably bore the shit out of all your readers in the end. It would be unfair to all those great musicians and bands as well to mention a few and leave out all the rest who probably had a similar influence and inspiration on us.


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