Internal Conflict // A P O R I A // Album Review


Leicester’s metal five-piece Internal Conflict is back with a blistering return to form with their latest offering A P O R I A. Mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson (Krysthla} there are similarities in the intensity of both Krysthla and of course Internal Conflict with IC having a more melodic vibe once you hit the chorus allowing you to warble along with the band unlike Krysthla, where you end up in the fetus position checking your internal organs are still intact and not spilling out onto the floor.

Believe me, Internal Conflict is a savage-sounding band, brutality at the fore but delivered with a little more poise so that you can still “let go” without savagely pummelling the person standing next to you, which I always find is a benefit. Right from the start, you are thrust into a ferocious cacophony of thrashing guitars, double bass drums, and a wall of distortion that will shake you to your core. Just what the doctor ordered to shake off the cobwebs from 2020 and a slow start in 2021 before the live scene returns and you have to get back out there “Beach Bod Ready” & Love Island style to mosh once again. 

A P O R I A  is the follow up to the band’s 2018 “Nothing Is Lost” EP and continues to impress on the foundation the guys laid with that release, the new recordings showcase the growth within the band musically and the experience that Neil Hudson has bought to the mixing and mastering allow these tracks the space to breathe and resonate. A gargantuan sound that hits you like a blow to the chest and yet somehow you feel grateful for it. 

A P O R I A arrives this Friday, July 9th via PHD, the guys will be live this summer at Bloodstock Open Air hitting the infamous Sophie Lancaster Stage on Sunday evening, so get your ass down for a treat. 


‘A P O R I A’ is released via PHD July 9th 2021.



1. Kingdom of Apathy

2. Paraesthesia

3. Atlas Down

4. Bleed the Sky

5. Hollow Heart

6. Traitorous

7. The Line

8. Kayfabe


The album’s stunning artwork was designed by Domonic Sohor (Raging Speedhorn).


Internal Conflict is:

Adam Kyle – Vocals

Sean Rice – Guitar, Synth

Matt Hall – Guitar, Clean Vocals

Dan Laffar – Bass

Chris Bentley – Drums

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Internal Conflict // A P O R I A // Album Review