Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review
Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review8
Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review8
Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review8
Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review8
Insidious Disease // After Death // Album Review8
8Overall Score
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When a lineup boasts both current and previous members of Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Napalm Death, and Susperia, you should know what you are in for even if you haven’t heard the only previous release by the gathering that was unleashed in 2010 titled Shadowcast. So it has taken 10 years for the follow-up but is there really any reason when you have such an impressive line-up, getting everyone together or at least to be able to have a conversation, must take some doing.

Erupting into life after the first few laboring breaths, it doesn’t take long for the Death Metal brilliance to begin to show just how powerful and relentless this offering is going to be. With simple yet crushing riffs, blistering drums, subtle yet slapping bass, and a rasping vocal to round off this stunning sound. By the end of the opening track, you will be gasping for air after near suffocation from the weight of the Death Metal.

This stunning recipe continues to test your resolve as the album progresses and we have scintillating solos, blast beats, and everything in between pelted at your eardrums in an effort to destroy whatever is in its radius. The long-lasting effects of the album remain to be seen, however, I would expect some not to make it.

The 10 tracks are as punishing and brutal as you are likely to experience, without entering into the regularly frowned upon Brutal Death Metal world, yet this hops into both arenas with ease and quality allowing its appeal to be even wider than it may have been otherwise.

After Birth is a solid slab of the bluntest Death Metal around and shows that side projects can be as good and heavy as the main band and allow for a perfectly aggressive outlet that the members may not have the opportunity to otherwise, or at least not like this. The abrasion and battering that this album gives out is like so little else and has to be heard to be believed.

After Death is released October 30th via Nuclear Blast Records.



1. Soul Excavation 4:41 

2. Betrayer 4:27 

3. Divine Fire 4:24 

4. Unguided Immortality 3:43 

5. Invisible War 4:05 

6. Born Into Bondage 4:25 

7. Enforcers of the Plague 4:05 

8. An End Date With The World 4:13 

9. Nefarious Atonement 4:02 

10. Secret Sorcery 4:58



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