Insect Inside // The First Shining Of New Genus // Album Review


Now, when it comes to the Slam & Brutal death metal genre, most bands don’t reinvent the wheel. On the other hand, Insect Inside are different…

Hailing from Zlatoust (Russia) & comprising a power trio featuring Dmitry Borisyuk, Michail Lukoyanov (Equivoke), Daniil Sementsov (Disfigurement of Flesh).

“The First Shining Of New Genus” is a rare instance of a band using the formula of slam / brutal & applying it in the right way. Where most of those genres have now become a slew of identical bands, squeaky clean production & no risks. Insect Inside has played it in the safest & best way.

By creating an album that isn’t just heavy slam breakdowns, guttural vocals & tech guitar riffs, they stripped back what makes the genre great. Which is such a rare thing now.

What makes this album so enjoyable to listen to, is its dynamics. None of the tracks is the samey, riffs don’t outstay their welcome & the breakdowns are very diverse.

Not only do we have a solid band, but we are also treated to some great guest vocals on the album,

Where some guest vocals on other albums blend in with the band’s vocalist Insect Inside have chosen some great vocalists that add colour to the album & stand out from vocalist: Dmitry Borisyuk.

“Posthumous Grief” features Kevin Muller of The Merciless Concept (one of my favourite BDM bands, check them out) and it creates such a great energetic change in the track. A highlight track on the album for sure. Also through the album, we have little snippets from Roman (Abnormity) and Kirill Nazarov (Disfigurement Of Flesh, Decomposition

Of Entrails) which also add another string to the bow.

“The First Shining Of New Genus” is one of the instances where, if I showed you this record, you would think it was an early 00’s release, from the likes of Dying Fetus, Gorevent & Dehumanized.

This album is just 33 minutes of pure brutality & ferocity. If you love your BDM simple, stripped back & no-nonsense. This is for you.

Joseph Mitchell

“The First Shining Of New Genus” is out via Gore House Productions on 19th February 2021

1 – Intro

2 – Sickening Ground

3 – Posthumous Grief

4 – The First Shining Of New Genus

5 – For The Glory Of Swarm

6 – Revival Of Ungodly Deformity

7 – Derelict Sanity

8 – Evisceration Through The Throat

9 – Embalming For Chrysalis

10 – Pulsating Earth


Dmitry Borisyuk – Vocals

Michail Lukoyanov – Guitar, Bass

Daniil Sementsov – Drums

Insect Inside // The First Shining Of New Genus // Album Review
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