Inhaler // Post-Party // The Limelight One – Belfast // Live Review

Unbelievably Inhaler is completing a three-night stint here in Belfast! A remarkable feat for this young Irish band who only dropped their debut album “It won’t always be like this” back In July.

These guys have been on a whirlwind journey and the latest three-night stint is testimony to their popularity on this island and beyond. The guys leave here to travel south and continue on spreading their Christmas joy before the Xmas break. Before all that of course we are on night three here in Belfast and opening for the guys on this tour are Post Party a four-piece indie-pop band based in Dublin. 

As advertised 7:45 the guys hit the stage and get stuck right into their set, a collection of easy on the ear indie-pop bangers that get the Belfast crowd in the mood for a great nights craic. Their sonic ear works embedding themselves in the heads of the youthful Belfast crowd as track by track they pull these faithful inhaler fans one by one over to the dark side of Post Party. As the guys wrap up their set the rapture applause and screaming ladies suggest Belfast has given its seal of approval … well-played lads 👍

Cometh the hour and cometh the band, the lights drop and the lads from Inhaler sauntered onto the stage like they have cahones the size of watermelons! And why not closing off their third night here they probably think they own the place and we’ll, with the enthusiasm of the Belfast crowd they’d probably be right. The stage is awash with pastel colours as they kick off their set, the room has filled substantially and the eager Inhale-ites surge forward to catch a glimpse of their idols. 

The guys just bang out track after rack to the crowd’s approval, flailing arms and wails of support burst out at the end of every tune, the guys have a slow swagger about them, mixing up the inset with melancholy numbers interlaced with uptempo roof lifters keeping the crowd on their toes. All whilst every word is sung back to them by their loyal fans below. Fair play, at such a young age to master their art, hone their craft and tackle the road miles to cement their reputation Inhaler are way beyond their years, yet still do it all with that youthful fearless attitude and they wear it well. 



Check out their debut release:


Photography: Lewis Graham 


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