Inglorious // We Will Ride // Album Review


Brit rockers Inglorious are back with their fourth studio album We Will Ride, with a fresh new line-up the band return in chaotic times to deliver a slice of new music to an ever-hungry audience who are craving what they miss so much. 

Inglorious hit the studio mid-pandemic and worked through the ever-changing landscape of 2020 to bring us yet another stellar recording, Recorded in Cardiff with the renowned producer Romesh Gogandoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Motörhead) the band rejuvenated with new members are firing on all cylinders. Right from the off you know they mean business, the album’s opener ‘She Won’t Let You Go’ will pull you right in and have you rocking out in no time. The signature Inglorious vibe is still there, high energy, melodic and anthemic sounding tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in a stadium-sized show (remember those?) 

None better than ‘Medusa’ with James vocals mirroring the melodic runs of the guitar to highlight the quality of the musicianship within this truly magical band, but the ride doesn’t end there. You have eleven first-class songs that ebb and flow beautifully taking you on a sonic rollercoaster throughout with dark emotive songwriting and cinematic phrasing that just leaves you breathless. Inglorious have this quality that is classic in nature but contemporary in delivery and the two mesh together perfectly, James soulful vocal deliver against the background biting rhythmic delivery of the band members creates an otherworldly soundscape that you just cannot ignore.  

The new band members deliver in spades also, with blistering guitar solos and gnarly riffage for anyone who feared the line-up change may detract from what preceded them, fear not fair lady for all is in hand. Clearly, there is a musical connection here that resonated from the off, the album just gets better and better as you get into it, production courtesy of Gogandoda is flawless and allows you to fully immerse yourself in these bitchin’ tracks one after another.  You know that these tracks are going to translate to the live stage so well, packed with fan favourites no doubt for when they hit the road with a vengeance to spread their gospel to the masses once again.

For now, we have this beauty to keep us warm throughout these shitty times and keep the faith that there is light at the end of the tunnel, thank you baby Jesus and thank you Inglorious. 


We Will Ride arrives this Friday, February 12th Via Frontiers. 




She Won’t Let You Go



Eye Of The Storm

Cruel Intentions

My Misery

Do You Like It

He Will Provide

We Will Meet Again

God Of War

We Will Ride



Nathan James – Lead Vocals

Danny De La Cruz – Guitar

Dan Stevens – Guitar

Vinnie Colla – Bass Guitar

Phil Beaver – Drums/Percussion

Keys/Piano – Rob Lindop

Inglorious // We Will Ride // Album Review
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