Ingested // Where Only Gods May Tread // Album Review

Formed in 2006 and from Manchester, England, Ingested released their debit full length album in 2009 with Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering, which was greatly received by the Brutal Death Metal enthusiasts, with its blend of Deathcore and Slam and two years later the band returned to record The Surreption.

2013 saw the release of the EP Revered By No-One Feared By All, a limited edition release that soon became much sought after before the third full length The Architect Of Extinction in 2014, which pushed their stock even higher before in 2018 The Level Above Human was unleashed, the first album on Unique Leader Records which preceded the 4 track EP Call Of The Void and now, still with the original line up, the “Slam Kings” are about to set the latest offering of its leash.

As the album explodes into life, the crushing guitars begin to squeeze the windpipe as the pressure starts to build and you know that this is going to be an album full of intensity and punishment. As ‘Follow The Deceiver’ builds, the feeling of outstanding Deathcore builds and then the blasts begin to join the party along with a disgracefully delightful breakdown that is just downright filth.

As the album progresses, the relentless brutality keeps on smashing you in the skull like the corner of a breezeblock, with the combination of chunky riffs and blistering drums that are matched with a wonderfully aggressive vocal and a pace that flows from steady and purposeful to all out destruction, Ingested appear to have covered every wish for any fan of brutality.

As we reach ‘Another Breath’ the band are joined by The Riff Beast, Kirk Weinstein of Crowbar, Down and Kingdom of Sorrow one of three guest slots, with Vincent Bennet of The Acacia Strain on the previous track ‘The Burden of Failures’ and also Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan also joining the party on ’Black Pill.’

Where Gods May Tread will assault, rip, tear and maul anything in the vicinity as the 10-track album is just a relentless attack on the resolve of the listener. It is dark and dingy with a blackened edge on the brutality, with sludgy Slam presentation and is just simply stunning in its decimation. If you are anything like me, you will listen to this and if you have not already, order the album as this is a classic.


Ed Ford

Where Only Gods May Tread is released August 14th 2020 via Unique Leader Records.



  1. Follow The Deceiver
  2. No Half Measures
  3. Impending Dominance
  4. The List
  5. The Burden of Our Failures
  6. Another Breath
  7. Dead Seraphic Forms
  8. Black Pill
  9. Forsaken in Desolation
  10. Leap of The Faithless




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