Infirmum is a musical resurrection by Finnish metal artist Timo Solonen who was active in metal scene on 1990’s. Upcoming album “Walls Of Sorrow” is created in collaboration with session members on bass guitar and drums. And it’s a doom flavored death metal album with an experienced perspective.
The first single “Shadows Of The Past” from the album is now released.
Check the lyric video:
“Old and tired? Bullshit! Some might complain that only young people are brave enough to stick their neck out. But now unknown grey beard is debunking that assumption and pushing some gloominess to the hearts of the listeners. Darkness is beautiful even if it’s slow or fast. As a warning the music might cause some changes in your mood as the songs are about the feelings that human might go through in some days.” Project master mind Timo Solonen backgrounds.
1. To Darkness
2. Cause of Sorrow
3. Shadows of the Past
4. Silence
5. Doomed
6. Wake Me
7. Autumn Breeze
8. Sail Away
9. Fearless
10. Trust
Release date: February 28th 2020

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