The second single “Cause Of Sorrow” from the upcoming Infirmum album is now released.
Listen to the single:
“There is always something you think you need and you try to have it as soon as possible. You try to do your best to be worthy to have it. Thinking it would help you and carry you through bad times. Was it worth it or was it just root cause of sorrow?” Infirmum leader Timo Solonen backgrounds.
Infirmum is a musical resurrection by Finnish metal artist Timo Solonen who was active in metal scene on 1990’s. Upcoming album “Walls Of Sorrow” is created in collaboration with session members on bass guitar and drums. And it’s a doom flavored death metal album with an experienced perspective.
Pre order links:
Inverse Store (CD):
Infirmum’s Bandcamp (Digital download):
1. To Darkness
2. Cause of Sorrow
3. Shadows of the Past
4. Silence
5. Doomed
6. Wake Me
7. Autumn Breeze
8. Sail Away
9. Fearless
10. Trust
Release date: February 28th 2020

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