Coming at you from the heart of England, INFIRM OF PURPOSE ( ) have an explosive riffed-up cover of DAVE’s, Funky Friday – , . With this in mind, we asked the guys for five killer tracks that have shaped and greatly influenced their sound:

Issues – Life Of A Nine ( )

‘This era of Issues is what we relate to most, Life Of A Nine being especially influential. The synth work on this track is exceptional, topping that off with the scratches of Ty Acord, the lyrical theme and the hard-hitting Metal-core mix, this track has definitely influenced the writing of our material.’

I See Stars – Crystal Ball ( )

‘It’s no secret that we love electronic music. I See Stars are one of our main influences for the EDM to Metal-core blend, the introduction section is a highlight of this track especially. This in particular has influenced how we wrote one of our unreleased tracks ‘Broken Industry,’ a perfect blend of the genres.’

Sullivan King – Drop Kick ( )

‘This track by Sullivan King is the perfect example of the Metal-core, Dubstep mix from the point of view of a Dubstep artist rather than the band. The sound design on the basses of this track is absolutely incredible, this combined with the guitar and vocal work makes for a good assortment of elements in the arrangement.’

Volumes – The Mixture ( )

‘Us being metal-core fans at heart, Volumes were a big influence on the heavier, Djentier side of our music. Especially on our cover of Dave’s ‘Funky Friday,’ during the breakdown sections you can really hear the aggressiveness of the guitars and the attack of the kick drum come through, an element of ‘The Mixture we really loved.’

Scarlxrd – 6 FEET ( )

‘As a band with a wide taste in music we were open to the rise of Soundcloud Rap and Trapmetal, our favourite artist in this genre being Scarlxrd. 6 Feet is a hard hitting song that pioneered the sound of Trapmetal, we took major influence from this track in our more Hip-hop styled sections of our unreleased tracks ‘Another Face’ and ‘Life Leads To Death.’

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