(Available on CD/vinyl from August 6th)

FOR FANS OF: Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, CAN, Miles Davis (70s electric era)
(L-R Jonas Tay, Scott Hutchings, Jamie Hutchings, Reuben Wills)
photography by Mark Moldre
Following the release of the singles ‘Death Of A Tourist‘ and ‘Dragon’s Breath‘, Sydney band Infinity Broke release their brand new album Your Dream My Jail via Come To The Dark Side Luke Music/MGM.

Five years ago, Jamie Hutchings was travelling through parts of South America, exploring new and wondrous cultures and soaking up the local music, from schools to street bands. Marvelling at their dexterity and in particular their focus on percussion, rhythm and dance, a spark was set off in his own creative mind. “It was so refreshing and inspiring and strange. I tried to let a bit of that into the songs,” he reveals.

“I was on a major bummer, having found myself single for the first time since my twenties so the bottom of my soul was a bit scraped out, and I was a stranger on the other side of the world so… there is some angst here too,” Hutchings admits. “This makes for an unorthodox mix, tropical rhythms with dissonant grating guitar parts and displaced lyrics, but these days, almost thirty years into recording and performing music, for me weird is good.”

Returning to Australia, Hutchings began to shape his songs into demo form while drawing on the inspired playing of bassist Reuben Wills. He also provided the finishing touches to two of his brother Scott’s equally compelling songs (‘Dragon’s Breath’, ‘The Slide’), adding diversity and new points of accessibility to the album.

Your Dream My Jail continues Jamie Hutchings’ endless exploration of rhythm, melody and dissonance in song – an embrace of the brutal and beautiful. From the fractured unease of first single and album opener ‘Death of a Tourist‘ (featured on Rolling Stone Australia) it’s clear the listener is in for a turbulent and fascinating ride. 

Dragon’s Breath‘ harnesses some of the integral percussive elements of ‘Death of a Tourist’, anchoring them with a dystopian disco beat and clarion call guitars that ring out in an eruption of silver rocket chords and melodic riffs. It’s unabashed in its embrace of widescreen and euphoric post punk guitar, anchored by Reuben Wills’ urgent, swinging bass.

From The Belly of a Whale‘ and its CAN-like, staircase-falling drums gives way to the urgent tension and repetitive sway of ‘Moonmouth‘, perfectly balanced with its melodic reprieve of a chorus. That focus on the rhythm section as the focal point of the band’s sound continues through ‘The Way You Tell It‘ and closer ‘Quit Whispering at Me‘, with its disorientating polyrhythmic deftness that threatens to suffocate the song. ‘Pebbles‘ is a parting of the storm clouds. Still anchored by a percussive bed, its sound captures the untethered feeling of a fracturing relationship, both wistful and disillusioned, while ‘The Slide‘ climbs a peak of vicariously swerving indie rock circa Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, the 3Ds and prime Bluebottle Kiss.

Themes of change and renewal, the intensity of the transition from tangled and restricted emotional states and a restlessness to evolve seem to all twist and turn through many of Hutchings’ songs. The band’s ability to mirror his ideas and emotions with correspondingly vivid sonic treatments makes Your Dream My Jail a unique collection of songs in the context of independent rock music – challenging staid and stagnant musical conventions while drawing a line back through the rich history of avant rock ‘n’ roll.


Scott Hutchings
Drums, backing vocals, handclaps, left speaker guitar on ‘Dragon’s Breath’ and ‘The Slide’
Reuben Wills
Bass, backing vocals, handclaps, musical saw
Jamie Hutchings
Vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, vibraphone

Produced by Jamie Hutchings
Recorded by Simon Berckelman at Golden Retriever April 2020
Mixed by Tim Whitten
Mastered by Douglas Henderson (Swans, The Necks, Antony and the Johnsons) at Micro Moose Berlin

1. Death of a Tourist  VIDEO
2. From the Belly of a Whale
3. Moonmouth
4. Addressed to a Dream
5. Dragon’s Breath
6. The Way You Tell It
7. The Slide
8. Pebbles
9. Quit Whispering at Me

From the soil of South America to the surrounds of a Marrickville studio and the seasoned ears of Tim Whitten (The Necks, Crow, Underground Lovers, Bluebottle Kiss), Your Dream My Jail is just the latest fascinating chapter in the musical journey of Jamie Hutchings and his collaborators.

Following nearly 15 years and six albums with Bluebottle Kiss and then his first three solo albums, Jamie re-entered the full band fray of noise, dissonance and melody with Infinity Broke, also featuring his brother Scott Hutchings on aux drums/percussion and guitar, Reuben Wills on bass and Jared Harrison (BBK, Peabody, Restless Leg) on drums. Their first two albums (River MirrorsBefore Before) chronicled the band’s exploration of rhythm, tone, texture and the dynamic interplay between guitars and percussion. Songs rose to the surface and then dissolved into the sonic fabric of the music the quartet composed – a sublime balancing act of harmony and abrasion.

Changes have occured within the Infinity Broke camp since the release of Before Before with Jared amicably leaving the band. As a result, Scott has shifted to drums as well as weighing in on two co-writes on guitar. In 2021, with new album in hand, the band have re-emerged on stage, with their new percussionist Jonas Tay giving full range to their kinetic sound.

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