Infected Humans // Unexpected Traumatic Experiences // Album Review


South American Brutal Death Metal now has a new name go add to its list by way of Ecuadorian band Infected Humans and they prepare to release their debut album for the world to marvel at its despicable and outrageously brutal take on this niche end of the Metal spectrum.

The three-piece band have bought some friends along for this ride, including three guest vocal appearances, with Ewan Lambert (Corpseflesh), Sonny Trujillo (Cadaverous Infest) and Pipo Castellanos of Ecuadorian underground band Cafeteras, not that this is needed, however certainly adds an extra depth of disgust.

As the intro builds the atmosphere of horror and despair, do not underestimate hat is about to land because if you then you will be splattered to smithereens as ‘Killing Perservately Depressed’ explodes into a dark and brutal noise that will disturb most people into numerous sleepiness nights, however any fan of the heavier side if things, will be lapping up this high standard of specialised Death Metal.

With toilet gutturals growled over the top of a relentless drum and down-tuned stringed assaults, the underground sound happily joins the continual assault of blunt destruction to create a filthy and sludge laden album that will get better with every listen.

Whilst the 11 tracks span a short 28 minutes, the impact that this compact beast has cannot be underestimated as it will certainly leave a dent in the cranium from the never-ending crushing that your skull will try and deal with, however, if it has not already given up, the blast beats are sure to weaken the resolve of any bone density. The tracks have plenty of differences to prevent what some Brutal Death Metal albums suffer from and also the tracks are prime examples of how this genre should be done.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a fantastic display of how a debut album can sound and should be a lesson to so many who churn out the same Brutal Death Metal. This album has subtle but telling differences to the majority of the other bands in ten arenas and this really pays off as Infected Humans unleash a top drawer album that all fans of Brutal Death Metal need to hear and show that the underground in is strong in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Ed Ford




Track List

1 – Intro
2 – Killing Perservately Depressed
3 – Ejaculating Illumination (feat. Ewan Lambert)
4 – Bloodthirsty Sacrifice
5 – Calcining Human Flesh (feat. Sonny Trujillo)
6 – Paraphilic Infestation Of Internal Torment
7 – Interstellar Torture
8 – Altered By Substances
9 – Genocidas Del Control (feat. Pipo Castellanos)
10 – Chaotic Biological Organization
11 – Outro



Infected Humans // Unexpected Traumatic Experiences // Album Review
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