INDYA releases her brand new single, Gimme Ya Luv, which arrives via all streaming sites on Friday 12th July. The track is a blistering slab of hard-hitting glamour rock complete with haunting guitars and engulfing vocal lines. The video for the single can be viewed now at – . We asked INDYA for her top five tracks and she came up with some absolute bangers:

Marilyn Manson ‘Para-Noir’

I was influenced by Marilyn Manson by his popular sound/ fan base. I was always a huge fan of Dita Von Teese and his record with her “Para Noir” was exactly the sound I was looking for. Sexy, provocative risqué rock with an industrious commercial sound. I love the electronic music with luring synths in this particular record.

Celldweller ‘Stay With Me (unlikely)’

Celldweller again have that electronic sound going on. This particular record oozes Hooky Riffs, it has that 90s synth, its dark, and energising! It releases serotonin chemical in your brain. Makes you want to get up and give it some!!!!! It’s kind of a bit Prodigy. Well I would say prodigious in that.

Bring Me the Horizon ‘Mantra’

Bring Me the Horizon have just got that wow factor. They just have this outlandish ridiculously good troposphere to their music. There are so many high tech layers of sound – it’s one big labyrinthine. In this track,  I was attracted to their deathcore sound which I’ve incorporated into my records. Tangled with some pop. It’s what everyone’s listening to right now.

Joan Jett ‘Bad reputation’

Joan Jett is who i supposedly sound like! We both have that high squeak to our voices. She’s more proto punk which is a flavouring in my music. Her voice is militant and incantatory. This particular track has a  jagged raunchy rock feel to it – so Indya styleee!!! Lol Her music is an infectious romp which I have had a slice of in my records – you could say I’ve had a piece of her … hehe

Led Zeppelin ‘Whole Lotta Love’

Led Zeppelin are who I studied at Music college. Classic Rock. This song has reliable riffs which they stuck too with every other song of theirs but also unfinished music which is an example of one of my records “Insane Love” Its raw, the lyrics hit a heavy heart, its loaded with guitar, crunchy hard rock, sleazy and catchy. Roberts sexual charged vocals are like mine!

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