Indie Vision Music Release Two Burning Hot New Compilations on CD and Digital; Family & Friends Sampler 2 & 3 – Available Now

Indie Vision Music Release Two Burning Hot New Compilations on CD and Digital

Family & Friends Sampler 2 & 3 – Available Now

Purchase on CD Here 3 Disc Combo Pack:

Available digitally from all networks and streaming sites or on Bandcamp from IVM here

indie vision sampler 2
indie vision sampler 3

Orange County, CA. (July 6, 2018)- In celebration of the 18th anniversary of Indie Vision Music (IVM for short), the site/label releases two new compilations filled to the brim with exciting new music from a variety of artists.

Some bands return to make a special appearance like 7-10 Split, The Blamed, and Slow Coming Day, plus new song from the ex-Hawk Nelson band – Aid & Effect. You’ll also find a new song by former Stairwell and Bloodshed singer – Jonathan Caro under the band name My Compatriots.

You can find artists in genres like Pop-punk, Emo, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Post Hardcore, and even a little Hardcore Punk. Featuring new and unreleased music from the following bands:

Family & Friends Sampler 2
1. The Blamed – Speaking To A Cold Room Of People Who Need Heat
2. As We Are – No Turning Back
3. DENS – Will You Keep Out All The Sadness?
4. The Prettybads – You’re The One For Me
5. Aid & Effect (Ex-Hawk Nelson) – Making Things New
6. Samuel Powers – Wonder
7. Grandpa Loves Rhinos – If Death Rolls Dice
8. Names Without Numbers – Goodnight
9. Must Build Jacuzzi – 3rd Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad
10. Small Wars – Sweetest Girl
11. Collington – Here We Go
12. Brave Days – Family Tree
13. RELENT – Rise
14. Reliance – Reborn
15. My Compatriots (Ex-Stairwell) – A Blanket of Clouds
16. Courage, Dear Heart – The Spark

Family & Friends Sampler 3
1. 7-10 Split – The Messenger Has Fallen
2. At The Wayside – This Road
3. Slow Coming Day – All Things New
4. Poetic Descent – Close Encounter
5. Mainframe – Burn The Boats (Radio Edit)
6. Light The Way – Holy Ghost
7. Heart Like War – Screaming
8. Homestate – Breathe
9. Grave Robber – The Night Evelyn Came Out From The Grave
10. Sef Idle – I Don’t Remember
11. Jeremy Ryan – No Other Way
12. I Am Spartacus – Nobody Wants To Be a Hipster
13. Reckless Threat – We Are The Ones
14. Rolemodel – Fortunes
15. The Bricks – We Live
16. No Lost Cause – Slow It Down
17. The Pear Republic – Refuge Forever
18. B is Bridgie – Fair Warning

Indie Vision Music was founded on July 4th 2000 with the intent to share positive, uplifting, and hopeful music of substance with a global audience. What started with humble beginnings as a simple self-run webstore, blossomed into a label and a webzine in 2005 which has been going strong ever since. In 2017, the label began again with the signing of bands like Light The Way, At The Wayside, Mainframe, Must Build Jacuzzi, The Prettybads, Names Without Numbers, and Grandpa Loves Rhinos.

This fall marks the end of the IVM Record Label with the shifting of focus back to what made Indie Vision Music great – An independent site built around community and faith-based music exposure. While there won’t be a label, Indie Vision Music will certainly not fade away. Big plans are in store for running the site on into the future.

“It just became too overwhelming on a personal level to run a label, a site, work full time outside of music, taking care of a family of 5, etc. This site and label has always been run by one person, me, and I can’t help but feel a great deal of stress trying to manage it all. I took DIY to a whole other level literally. One guy can only do so much. So, with that said, I hope you enjoy the website for the foreseeable future and that you’ll continue to support these awesome bands. It has been a total pleasure working with such talented individuals and releasing albums I truly care about – Brandon Jones/IVM”

You can find all 3 “Family & Friends Samplers” on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, and more.

For more information, band news, reviews, and label goodness visit

Indie Vision Music

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