Indie folk band No Sailor provide a heartwarming single and video “21 Rules”

Authentic, feel-good indie folk single takes on the rules of dating, ahead of the band’s upcoming album
For Fans Of: The Lumineers, Bright Eyes, Josh Ritter, Mumford and Sons, Vance Joy
PHILADELPHIA | NOVEMBER 16, 2018 – Indie-folk group No Sailor released their single and accompanying music video “21 Rules” today. A beautifully heartwarming and authentic tune provides a tongue-in-check look at the stereotypical absurdities of dating cliches and relationship advice. Music Existence premiered the video, describing it as “a fun, lighthearted folk-rock tune destined for the stages of Newport Folk Festival.” Led by singer-songwriter Kieran Garvey, the five-piece outfit is gearing up to release their debut album Anchor Broken Free, due out in early 2019.

The video for “21 Rules” provides an intimate and warm performance with the band. “We shot the music video one evening in a friend’s hand-built barn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania,” shared vocalist Kieran Garvey. “When I first saw the place I knew we had to use it for a video or a concert. It’s a stunning space, a two level pristine clean barn built Amish style – without using a single nail in the framing, so it’s all wood-peg and slotted joints. The setting was a perfect complement to our sound.” A rustic yet warm invitation is set, providing a perfect introduction to the band. Garvey’s bright vocals interweave with dancing violin lines, and a melodious blend of guitar, piano, bass and drums for a lively track that will have all listeners following along.

Garvey went on to share that despite the video’s relaxed and feel-good appeal, the filming and set proved a unique challenge. “Well it was me that insisted that we have a real upright piano on set, cause that’s what’s recorded, and by some miracle I found one on Craigslist the day before filming and just a few miles from the barn. A family was moving and they couldn’t take it with them, so I got it for forty bucks I believe, plus the U-Haul fees. Getting the piano on and off the U-Haul wasn’t too much trouble, but getting it up the bent staircase to the loft space of the barn was PURE HELL. It was an absolute beast to lift. I think we had six or seven guys on it too, all a bit worried we’d die like a cartoon character and get crushed by a piano. In the end nothing but the piano was harmed as a little wheel broke off in the process. We were all super happy we made the extra effort though, as the piano looked great, sounded alright, and our pianist had a hell of a good time playing it and improvising between takes. When the shoot was over we managed to get the piano back down the staircase without killing anyone and I put it back on Craigslist, this time for free. Another terrible business move in my life, but then again, it’s nice to give back to the community every once in a while.”

The video was directed by Ian Gillies, with set design by Danielle Beck. “21 Rules” is available for stream and purchase on all major digital retailers today, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. It comes ahead of No Sailor’s upcoming debut album Anchor Broken Free, scheduled for release in early 2019. Falling in line with the single, the album is full of feel-good indie folk tunes, stories detailing spoilt love, fickle romance, and the absurdities of dating. Fans and critics alike can stay tuned to No Sailor’s social media for news of the upcoming release. Regulars of the Philadelphia and NYC music scenes, No Sailor are performing this Sunday, November 18 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1 at midnight; details can be found here.

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No Sailor is the moniker of American singer/songwriter Kieran Garvey and his five-piece folk band. The band was formed while Garvey was living abroad in the idyllic capitol Ljubljana, Slovenia. Whilst going through a shattering breakup of the relationship that brought him there he met a savvy English expat who played bass and an exceptionally talented Slovenian violinist. Now with a band to keep him from moving home, Garvey soon found inspiration in catharsis and poured his experiences into lyrical form.

Across the Atlantic from family and friends, he made music his open journal and developed his sincere songwriting to produce songs of every variety. Fun, devastating, silly, confessional, and punctuated by humor and heartbreak, an album of songs was slowly compiled. Having limited instruments encouraged the acoustic trio to write every song in a new manner. This approach led them to maximize their collective creativity and made each tune more different than the next.

The trio performed in small clubs and cafes as they sculpted their sound, eventually picking up additional band members along the way. A female vocalist wielding a tambourine, a classically trained piano player, and a deft drummer all joined to form a wholly international band that is half Slovenian, and half American and English.

Their upcoming debut album, Anchor Broken Free, is rife with stories of spoilt love, fickle romance, and the absurdities of dating. Recorded over two years, and in three countries – Slovenia, Scotland, and America – the album was carefully crafted with acclaimed Glasgow producer Paul Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Camera Obscura) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Beck) in Los Angeles. The ultimate result of their labor is a collection of delicate, powerful, and achingly honest songs.

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