Indie-alt band Calva Louise release new album, Euphoric, out today on FRKST / 300 Entertainment

Indie-alt band Calva Louise release new album, Euphoric,
out today on FRKST / 300 Entertainment

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“Calva Louise are at the forefront of the new age of rock music!”
– Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1

“There’s a lot more to Calva Louise than meets the eye. The Manchester three-piece have a potent sound, with their jagged riffs patched on top of inquisitive songwriting.” – Clash

UK-based indie-alternative band Calva Louise have released their sophomore album Euphoric, out today on FRKST / 300 Entertainment. Across the 13 songs on the album, the band is telling a story about the duality of human beings and different perceptions of reality. The lyrics detail episodes of the dreamer’s experiences as an inner conversation with his other self, the counterpart of the human being, that seeks to experience freedom and have an encounter with the unknown. Sonically, the songs take on a future-punk approach, infusing heavy guitars with otherworldly synths and electronics often complimented by bilingual lyrics in both English and Spanish. To further dive into the story found on the album, the band will release an animated movie (which you can find a teaser of here) and a comic book, all created, produced, and directed by frontwoman Jess Allanic (Mescalitas). You can stream Euphoric here now.

The synopsis of Euphoric reads as follows:

The never-ending conversation between the dreamer and his dreamed counterpart, is a vicious circle where being Free To Be Lost is the only way to find the exit from this virtual labyrinth. When he discovers that each dream could be the last battle of his life, the dreamer must keep Hunting for the opportunity to face the petty tyrant (Tiranito) who subjugates him in his dreams. Conscious of being fragile and Ephemeral, he realises that someone is dreaming through him. This idea creates a short circuit in his brain making him feel sick and angry. This lairy (Belicoso) state prevents him from seeing what he really needs in order to reach (Alcanzar) a point where he can begin to control his dreams. When he sees a girl being attacked by strange lightning and fireballs, he feels as if he’s dreaming of someone playing a video game inside of his own dream. He understands that she’s a dreamer, just like him, facing a Trial to make a choice: to quit or restart the game. This makes him wonder if the real dreamer is his Other Self. Like Mafalda, the girl in his dreams continues to talk, so all The Odds of understanding what’s really happening to him seem to disappear. She’s talking about a kind of human POP(urrí) that never gets discouraged, but he still doesn’t understand until a Euphoric encounter with the unknown appears to him, like an Orange Blast.

Album Artwork
Euphoric Tracklist:
1. Free To Be Lost
2. Hunting
3. Tiranito
4. Ephemeral (Ft. Blakeeleven)
5. Belicoso
6. Alcanzar
7. Trial
8. Other Self
9. Mafalda
10. The Odds
11. POP(urrí)
12. Euphoric
13. Orange Blast
About Calva Louise:
With roots in Venezuela, France and New Zealand, Calva Louise formed in 2016 and released their debut album Rhinoceros in 2019 followed by a string of singles. Their eclectic sound is a molotov cocktail that really works, encompassing ambitious songwriting and searing guitar hooks from Jess Allanic, futuristic fuzz bass from Alizon Taho and explosive drums from Ben Parker.  Plunging headfirst into the UK’s burgeoning live circuit, the band has shared the stage with Highly Suspect, Albert Hammond Jr., and Razorlight. With BBC Radio 1, DIY, Clash, and Rolling Stone Mexico already singing their praises, Calva Louise is excited to enter the next chapter of the band which is EUPHORIC.

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