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Aussie thrash masters Incrypt release their fourth full-length album, “Thrashing Extinction”, on the 25th of February and it kills, eleven tracks of thrash brutality that are crafted for maximum impact.

The opening track “Skulking” sets the tone with a creepy, tension riddled instrumental intro paving the way for the crushing title track “Thrashing Extinction”, a galloping thrash fest crammed with thick riffs, blistering drums and a sublime bassline that rumbles underneath it all with Vali killing it on vocals, a blinding start. “Ultimate Downunder Attack” takes up the baton from the previous track and proceeds to beat the shit out of you with it, crashing drums, cutting riffs, alongside some nifty fretwork, this is another savage assault on the senses, the definition of an all-rounder, it’s brilliant. “pushed Beyond Breaking” changes things up a bit with a more grooved based rhythm but don’t let that fool you as the power and heaviness is still there in abundance, one of the best tracks on the album in my opinion, a real foot stomper.

“Open This Pit” increases the tempo, if that’s even possible with these guys, with a barrage of speedy riffs and mind-boggling drums that will get mosh pits everywhere whipped up into a frenzy, a funky riff thrown in towards the end of the song gives it a weird but cool twist. “Extermination” does as the name suggests with a heavy as fuck drum and bass beat as the guitars tear along at a manic pace, throw in a ripper solo and you get one hell of a track. The onslaught continues with “Point Evolution” a monster that repeatedly punches you in the face with its relentless beat of kicking drums, chugging riffs and bass with Vali unstoppable on the vocals. Gravelly vocals and slow grinding riffs are the order of the day for “Stars Of The Southern Land”, there is less of a thrash feel, more metal but it doesn’t detract it makes it better, for my money the best track on the album as it showcases their range and ability without having to go balls out all the time. As “Ghost Hour Chimes” starts you would be forgiven for thinking that you’re listening to a new Iron Maiden track as it sounds uncannily like them that is until all hell breaks loose and it turns into a roaring thrasher complete with ripper guitars, pulsating drum and bass beat while Vali snarls his way through the track, a cracking track.

“Chaotic Freedom Remains” is a rager with a seriously infectious beat that has a cool riff over it, it has a call to arms feel for all the party animals out there. It is hard to believe that “Declaration” is the closing track as it has the power and ferocity of an opener, massive drums, crushing riffs with Vali spitting Venom over a thumping bass line, an amazing way to finish the album.

Overall, a pretty solid album, packed with killer tunes

Review: Conor



1 Skulking 02:36
2 Thrashing Extinction 03:51
3 Ultimate Downunder Attack 03:58
4 Pushed Beyond Breaking 02:50
5 Open This Pit 03:36
6 Extermination 03:35
7 Point Evolution 03:20
8 Stars of the Southern Land 04:08
9 Ghost Hour Chimes 03:28
10 Chaotic Freedom Remains 03:43
11 Declaration 03:30

Current Members:

Mars Vali – Vocals; Byron Vali – Drums;  Damien Bevan – Guitar;

Adam Fox – Bass


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Incrypt // Thrashing Extinction // Album Review
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