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Since the late 00’s straight-edge bands became somewhat of a rare thing but in the last few years, the new breed of hardcore is creating some amazing bands.

When the midwest-based Inclination dropped their demo “Midwest Straight Edge” the scene loved it including me.

In the vein of bands like Strife, One King Down added a melodic take to newer hardcore to create one of the best hardcore demos that year.

Quickly signing to Pure Noise Records and releasing a follow-up EP “When Fear Turns To Confidence” which pushed the boundaries of the band’s sound & created some of the band’s best material.

Now after a long wait, the band is giving us the full-length “Unaltered Perspective”.

The band’s vocalist Taylor Short states that the album explores ideals from both a deeply personal perspective as well as from a more external view, often targeting the systemic rot at the heart of America’s drug epidemic.

“Unaltered Perspective” the title track & intro is a beautiful & dreamy acoustic intro as Short tells the listener “this is about strength & self-determination, this is an unaltered perspective”.

Already laying the cards on the table “Epidemic” crashes in.

One of the heaviest intro sections of the Inclination album to date. Featuring the legend that is Tom Sheehan (Indecision & Most Precious Blood). Taking aim at the tangle of greed and corruption amongst pharmaceutical companies, politicians, the media, and for-profit insurance you know this is a subject many can relate to. The hard-hitting bridge with two-step rhythms makes this track the perfect track for the album opener.

The lead single “Thoughts and Prayers” is up next. The catchiest Inclination song to date. Isaac Hale & Peter Karrer’s songwriting is on top form with how great & memorable this track is.

Also, the addition in the last year of one of my favourite hardcore drummers Chris Mills (Harms Way) has helped Inclinations sound go even further in the most expressive drumming sound. Mills’ use of cymbal work & fills is just top-notch.

The heaviest & “hardest” track i think Inclination has written comes at the midpoint in “Without A Word”. Starting off chugging yet melodic riff before the band builds into a break neck verse section begins. Then suddenly everything drops before the guitar introduces the next heavy riff & the song switches into a foot stomper of a track. As the track comes to a close the last breakdown comes into play & leaves you wreck. Well done boys.

“Connections” is also one of my new favourites from the band.

A more simple track that has a catchy chorus & features the guttural vocals of Issac which always add a great dynamic to the song.

Throwdown & Earth Crisis like this track is just a metalcore dream with a punishing end section.

Album closer “Commitment To Self” is the perfect send off. The intro gives you a glimpse of the band’s demo with the intro riff to “No Exit”.

As the track builds to its climax in a fast paced & heavy hardcore way they band take a moment to bring in down before opening up to the most emotional & heartfelt moment in Inclinations discography. A promise of a commitment to yourself & the freedom of straight edge.

Inclination is one of my favourite straight bands in recent years.

Being straightedge for 16 years & the band have rekindled the same reasons why I became straight edge all those years ago., Inclination invokes all the bands I grew up with when first becoming straight edge in the early 00’s.

“Unaltered Perspective” is the band’s most confronting & introspective album to date. The heaviest & most melodic songs in the band’s short history. Inclination now have three releases that can now cement themselves as the best straight edge hardcore of a modern generation.

Joseph Mitchell

Unaltered Perspective is out via Pure Noise Records on 21st October 2022

Unaltered Perspective track list:
1. Unaltered Perspective
2. Epidemic
3. Thoughts and Prayers
4. Predetermined
5. Bystander
6. Without A Word
7. Marooned
8. Connections
9. Segue
10. A Decision
11. Commitment To Self

Inclination Announce Debut Album
Unaltered Perspective
Due Out 21st October via Pure Noise Records

Share New Single “Epidemic” ft. Tom Sheehan of Indecision

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