Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review
Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review9
Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review9
Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review9
Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review9
Incite - Built To Destroy - Album Review9
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Approaching their 15 year American metalists Incite return with their fifth release in plety of time for their upcoming Bloodstock Festival appearance and I for one am very excited to see them live and join in some of the pits that songs on this album are bound to open up.

The aggression is clear to hear form the beginning as title track ‘Built To Destroy’ starts to warm up the ear drums and neck muscles nicely, shaking out the arms and getting the adrenaline pumping the groove laden hardcore style kicks in immediately with aggressive vocals heavy riffs and some punishing drums this track is just a sign of things to come.

The swift beats continue as the hooks just drag you in and the vocals are heavy enough to reease aggression whilst also being able to appreciate the origin and relate to them. Kirk Windstein from Crowbar features on ‘Human Cancer’ adding his unmistakable vocal as the pace is picked up to full throttle and will have long hair flying all over the pace in live performances and bodies flying everyone as this blasts out.

Chis Barnes from Six Feet Under adds his brutal vocal to this track, with southern influenced grove this continues the aggression and adds some added heavy, with a hint of moonshine, before we hit the breakdown and the fists will be flying. Throw in a mean guitar solo and what we have is an incredible track.

The 11 tracks on this album span 38 minutes of high octane, high quality modern metal that is a fantastic listen and thoroughly enjoyable. This is not just a release for a specific sub-genre of Metal, it will please many across the board and will open up different avenues leading from the main genre, for those who may not have ventured off the beaten path.

As they open the Ronnie James Dio stage on the Friday at Bloodstocks Catton Park for 2019s edition of the festival, there is every probability that they Incite will put pressure on those following and set the bar. I for one will be right in the middle ready to throw down!!


Ed Ford

Built To Destroy is released January 25th 2019 via minusHEAD records.

Track Listing

1.Built To Destroy
2.Ruthless Ways
5.Human Cancer
6.Confronting Darkness
8.Poisoned by Power
10.Hate for Life
11.Savior Self



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