In Her Own Words Share Powerful New Single, “Beg For More”

In Her Own Words Share Powerful New Single, “Beg For More”


Pop-punk band In Her Own Words are unveiling their newest single “Beg For More,” on June 21. The track is the band’s first release since their hook-driven record Distance Or Decay, released in the Spring of 2022 via Thriller Records.

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In Her Own Words hold nothing back with “Beg For More.” The track, produced by Andrew Baylis, features songwriter Cameron Walker-Wright and is mixed by Cameron Mizell, is filled to the brim with addictive melodies that are paired with relatable lyrics. The band hones in on their ability to create anthemic songs while giving fans a hint into their highly-anticipated new era.

“”Beg for More” is about not being able to rid yourself of toxic energy from a relationship. Even though you know you have to remove someone from your life, you can’t bring yourself to actually do what is best for you.” – Joey Fleming, Lead vocalist.

Beg For More

About In Her Own Words:
Trust the process.

These three words have been the cornerstone of In Her Own Words’ journey so far. That is, embracing the highs and lows of the music industry, all while writing songs that authentically illustrate the human experience. It can be challenging to claim your unique voice in a scene so clouded by social media and the pressures of being in a band. But Joey Fleming (vocals) and Andretti Almalel (guitar) are in a sonic awakening. Their eyes are on the prize, and now more than ever, they are sharing their authentic voices with the world.

Blending a vibrant range of sonic influences from both coasts, it is hard to define In Her Own Words’ sound in a few words. While their 2022 LP Distance or Decay intertwines polished instrumentation with soulful vocal melodies, older fan-favorite tracks like “Right Now” and “Serotonin” showcase the raw angst and emotion that resonated with listeners during the Warped Tour days. While their current catalog is nothing short of dynamic, the duo’s upcoming collection of songs feels like a breath of fresh air, combining everything they’ve learned in their last releases to create something passionate and new.

“This new era of the band feels like what I’ve been trying to accomplish since I joined,” vocalist Joey Fleming says. “Andretti and I click on so many levels in the studio, and I feel like I’ve finally found my place as a songwriter. It’s finally translating into the music.”

This sentiment shines brightly through the band’s latest release, “Beg For More.” Fleming’s powerful vocal delivery, paired with Andretti’s mastery of the earworm guitar riff, reveals just how far they’ve come since the band’s inception. And, of course, the song’s emotional down-chorus signifies In Her Own Words’ continued commitment to bringing sincerity to the forefront.

So, what’s next for the duo? Expect a wave of new singles through the end of 2024 and an elevated live show. Their resilience proves that there is beauty in the unknown, and the creative process is so much more fulfilling when we embrace the change that comes with it.

“I would tell my younger self to not worry so much about failure or what people will think about what I’m doing. Just do what I know how to do and let things fall into place.”

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