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‘Heatwave’ – Single Out Now
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Imperial Jade – ‘On The Rise’
Track List

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Sad For No Reason
The Call
Glory Train
Lullaby In Blue
Keep Me Singing
Rough Seas
Struck By Lightning
Hand of the Puppeteer  (Exclusive bonus track)
Believe (Exclusive bonus track) 


Barcelona’s IMPERIAL JADE have now released their epic sophomore album ‘On The Rise’ via Listenable Records! To celebrate, the band have unleashed a brand new video for the album track ‘Heatwave’!

The latest video from the blues-rock quintet takes a leap back in time, to the thundering classic rock anthems of yesteryear and a fuzzy, colourful affair dripping with 70s psychedelia. Lava lamps, paisley and trippy visuals all feature in IMPERIAL JADE’s nostalgic video for ‘Heatwave’, and anyone that recalls the glory days of Top Of The Pops (and the later throwback of Top Of The Pops 2) will undoubtedly fall for the band’s sleek, classic creation.

“Despite the name, the song isn’t about the weather!”, exclaims IMPERIAL JADE guitarist Hugo Nubiola, commenting on the lyrical content of their latest single. “Of course, it’s about a girl, using all those references to heat, sun, clear skies and good times. All those things that we thought related to being in love or turned on by somebody…sometimes it can even feel like a fever somehow!”

On the accompanying music video for ‘Heatwave’, Nubiola states: “we decided to take a trip back in time with that late 60’s/early 70’s look. Inspired by the Beat Club videos, among others, the video was directed and edited by our singer Arnau, trying to capture the retro vibe of the tune with those psychedelic chroma effects and image transitions.”

Released on 25th October via Listenable Records, ‘On The Rise’ was recorded at The Room Studio in Barcelona, and shows a band honing their sound into an almost cinematic quality, filled with Led Zeppelin-esque riffing and an encompassing, old-school vibe.

On the release of the album, the band comments:

“‘On The Rise’ has meant a step forward in the band’s search of our own sound and identity as a rock and roll band of the modern days. For this album we have taken the freedom of experimenting more with different sounds and textures, as well as mixing different genres of music that we have always been interested in. Jazz, blues, soul and country all mix together with our classic, hard rock style that was on our first album”

“‘On The Rise is such a diverse record, in terms of musical aesthetic. From the direct grooves of the opening ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’ to the progressive moods of the closing ‘Struck by Lightning’, we try to combine light and gloom all through the album, hoping to tell our story and catch the ear of those who listen.”

You can purchase and stream ‘On The Rise’ now via Spotify and the Listenable Records online store. See more from Listenable Records artists on their website, and follow them on Facebook for regular news and updates.

Arnau Ventura (Vocals)
Alex Pañero (Guitar)
Francesc López Lorente (Drums)
Hugo Nubiola (Guitar)
Ricard Turró (Bass)


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