New York death metal is in a league of its own.

The most prolific band from the New York area, Yonkers in fact is the mighty Immolation.

One of the earliest bands within the death metal genre Immolation has released a past catalogue of influential albums & now on their 11th album “Acts Of God” the band unleashes chaos in 2022.

As the first track “Abandoned” opens with eloquent but classic style clean guitar picking weaved with tremolo riffing building until the band erupt into the first real track of the album “An Act of God”.

As soon as the band hits a few bars we get the quality Immolation we all love. Brash & Chaotic, but still able to bring those fantastic earworms & melodies were some other technical laced death metal bands loose.

The whole band is showing a top-notch performance. Ross Dolan’s vocal performance is yet again guttural & hellish as well as Steve Shalaty’s drum tone which is a show stealer on the album, Every drum hit, cymbal ring is heard and is a force unleashed.

“Noose of Thorns” is a track that shows what has always been a huge strong asset for Immolation. Their ability to write catchy yet “evil” riffs & hooks. Weaved through the track is a melody that sticks in your head & quickly without knowing you start to sway your head back & forth in time.

Also features blistering solo/lead work on this track by guitarists Robert Vigna & Alex Bouks that keep this track forever moving forward.

One of my favourite aspects of Immolation is unlike other death metal bands they are the kings of building suspense & ambience.

“Overtures of the Wicked” shows that Immolation can build tension throughout a track, keeping your ears on the edge of their seat if you will before finally before the song is done gives you a huge payoff.

A later bloomer on the record is “When Halos Burn”. It matches the ferocity of the rest of the album but is the more stripped back Immolation sound. Straight to the point, brutal & somewhat tribal in nature, A shining light for Steve Shalaty’s drum performance again.

The first single to be released, “Apostle” closes out the album. Which is a fantastic choice for a single & closer. “Apostle” is a great melting pot of the whole album. Blending all the dark & somewhat blackened elements Immolation brings to the table with the frantic 100mph guitar riffing & drum blasting they do see well.

Immolation is on top form here. And the greatest thing about “Apostle” & Immolation they always deliver. Still keeping their overall sound but a solid small progression since 2017’s “Atonement”.

The only gripe with “Apostle” is that at 15 tracks (including the intro) the average listener may feel the albums are slightly too long.

Where I think that is the album’s strongest point, Immolation’s sound is about mood & creating a sonic signature that will stand the test of time. When you put on an Immolation record you want to listen back to the front & enjoy every second.

“Apostle” proves Immolation are yet again Yonkers & NY’s best & long time death metal giants.

Acts Of God is out via Nuclear Blast on 18th Feb 2022

01. Abandoned

02. An Act of God

03. The Age of No Light

04. Noose of Thorns

05. Shed the Light

06. Blooded

07. Overtures of the Wicked

08. Immoral Stain

09. Incineration Procession

10. Broken Prey

11. Derelict of Spirit

12. When Halos Burn

13. Let the Darkness In

14. And the Flames Wept

15. Apostle


Ross Dolan – Bass, Vocals

Robert Vigna – Guitar

Steve Shalaty – Drums

Alex Bouks – Guitar

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