Imminence // Heaven in Hiding // Album Review


Imminence are proving to be one of the fastest growing bands and are hoping to scale up once again with album number four, Heaven in Hiding. The album previous, Turn the Light on, managed to; place into the top 100 official German charts, sell out album release shows and double venue capacities, so they are hoping that the new album goes in a similar direction.

When I first received a pop up to listen to these guys, what I didn’t expect to hear was the warm and soothing sound of a violin in amongst heavy guitar and the pounding of the double bass pedal, but I have to say, it really works and I was instantly sucked in. ‘Ghost’ is a song that left me wanting to hear more and is placed well in order of tracks. The music works so well together, before Eddie’s lung busting harsh vocals enter the fray, before delivering a chorus you’ll be singing all day and all night, producing one of the best tracks on the album. ‘Temptation’ was the first track I heard and it really made me want to review this album. One of the heavier tracks on the album and one that excels musically, with Peter on drums especially impressive.

‘Chasing Shadows’ slows things right down and gives you a chance to breathe, before a Pre chorus bursts the song into life, with a chorus of Eddie and his violin working together harmoniously. ‘Moth to a Flame’ is another standout track with a fantastic chorus before revisiting their heavier side halfway through. A lovely guitar solo during the last chorus really gives the song something different, almost like a conscious effort to mix things up, in case you thought they’d stick to the earlier mould. ‘Enslaved’ is another worth listening to with excellent guitaring and once again reiterating that Imminence just have melody in their DNA, as they are not shy in captivating me with each and every song.

Last but certainly not least, album title track ‘Heaven in Hiding’ must be mentioned as this is a fantastic way to end the album.  Imminence have tried to make each song as memorable as possible, and with each listen, you find a new layer that you didn’t hear before. The creativity they possess is godlike and the album starts as good as it finishes. An album, made to listen to on repeat and you won’t regret it.

Peter Watts

Heaven in Hiding is out via Arising Empire on 26th November 2021



Track listing

  1. I am become a name…
    2. Ghost
    3. Temptation
    4. Surrender
    5. Chasing Shadows
    6. Moth to a Flame
    7. Alleviate
  2. Enslaved
    9. Disappear
  3. Lost and Left Behind
  4. این نیز بگذرد
  5. Heaven in Hiding

Line up:

Eddie Berg – Vocals/Violin

Harald Barrett – Guitar

Alex Arnoldsso – Guitar

Christian Hijer – Bass

Peter Hanstrm – Drums

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