New Album ‘Road To Disorder’ Coming August 31
st 2018!

We’re all damned. Most of us just don’t know it yet. The world is dancing a grim fandango right on the edge of the abyss, one foot dangling over the edge. But fear not, rock rebels I’LL BE DAMNED are here to rescue you with their attitude-driven blend of pure Rock ‘n Roll, Heavy Metal Groove and a heavy dose of the Blues Hard Rock! Just recently, Denmark’s hottest Rock sensation since Volbeat has unveiled some first and exciting album details about their second full- length titled ‘Road To Disorder’ and are set to release on August 31st 2018 with Drakkar Entertainment!

After I’LL BE DAMNED just premiered the song The Entire Universe a few weeks ago, the band fronted by charismatic vocalist Stig Gamborg now released a brand new single for the track ‘You Are The Young’: Check out this stunning rock ‘n roller right HERE!

“You Are The Young is a a call out to all the young (and old!) people out there not giving a shit about nothing but their own ass. We are killing the world and only we can stop it, so get up, throw your phone away and get mad!” Stig comments. He continues “Road To Disorder has something for the whole family; Punk, Sludge, Blues, Hard Rock, Heavy, Orchestral and all things in between. It is our salute to everything hard and heavy. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it!“

‘Road To Disorder’ is a huge rollercoaster and bears every sign of a triumphant second album: Balls, power, anthems and a swagger with a vengeance! Metal, Punk, Stoner, Rock’n’Roll or Blues have been mangled and reassembled into something big and uncannily anthemic. Dark issues, clad in explosive tunes: The direction of ‘Road To Disorder’ is similar to that taken on last years’ self-titled debut sensation. Yet, nobody in this band is burying his head in the sand – even though the one or the other track off the new record are decidedly more doomy and gloomy.

The track list reads as follows:

01. Stephen Hawking Talking
02. The Entire Universe
03. You Are The Young
04. Pigburner (Feat. Baest)
05. Luck Could Change
06. Flag Follows The Money
07. Keep Warm Burn The Rich
08. Just Ain’t Right
09. A Hanging Job
10. Arrow Of Time (Road To Disorder)



‘Road To Disorder’ is set to be released on August 31st via Drakkar Entertainment and pre-orders are now available HERE!

Earlier this year, I’LL BE DAMNED released a first lyric video to the single ‘Stephen Hawking Talking’, check it out under the following link: https://www.drakkar.de/news/329-i-ll-be-damned-new-single-stephen-hawking-talking.html

Formed in 2010, with their attitude-driven blend of pure Rock ‘n Roll, Heavy Metal, the Groove and Blues Hard Rock, I’LL BE DAMNED already left their stamp in nowadays Rock scene. No wonder that the band already shared the stages with bands alike Metallica, D-A-D, Airbourne or Steel Panther. Known for their excellent and energetic live performances, I’LL BE DAMNED showcases their heavy potential and fuses a potent yet melodical and groovy punch in your face!
Make sure to catch I’LL BE DAMNED live on the following dates this year:
Jul 28 2018 Burning Q Festival -Bremen-burg, Germany
Aug 03 2018 Danmarks Grimmeste Festival – Brabrand, Denmark
Sep 27 2018 Sønderborghus – Sønderborg, Denmark
Sep 28 2018 Turbinen – Randers, Denmark
Sep 29 2018 Studenterhuset – Aalborg, Denmark
Oct 05 2018 Bygningen – Vejle, Denmark
Oct 18 2018 Tøjhuset – Fredericia, Denmark
Oct 19 2018 Godset – Kolding, Denmark
Oct 20 2018 Kansas City – Odense, Denmark
Oct 25 2018 Gimle – Roskilde, Denmark
Oct 26 2018 Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 27 2018 Fonden Voxhall – Aarhus, Denmark

Stig Gamborg – Vocals
Mathias Smidt – Drums
Kristian Sloth – Guitars
Boris Tandrup – Guitars
Jens Lunde – Bass

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