Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review
Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review8
Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review8
Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review8
Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review8
Igorrr // Spirituality and Distortion // Album Review8
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Following up the 2017 release Savage Sinusoid, the unorthodox Igorrr returns with the blend of genres that just fucks with purists minds and appear to scoff in the face of pigeonholers and as soon as you press play on Spirituality and Distortion you will realize that this is still the case.

As ‘Downgrade Desert’ begins with its Far Eastern sounds it feels like a conventional and traditional offering, until that is the electronics begin to worm their ways into the sound and then the heavier songs of the guitars. At this point, we know that Igorrr is going to produce what we expect, the unexpectable. The vocals are a combination of Brutal Death Metal with a more traditional Far Eastern wail and a chant, clearly, we already crashing through boundaries!!

‘Nervous Waltz’ continues this traditional sound with a mash-up of who knows what. Initially, you can imagine it being actually Waltz music, before the guitars begin, and then someone drops some acid and the electronics klick in again, then the pace picks up and the guitars and drums are here and the back and forth continues like some strange game of how many different ways can the mind be messed with especially toward the end, just listen to it!

By the end of this second track, those who may not have been aware of Igorrr and the music styles and blending capabilities on display will have a rough gist that this just going to be fun, fucked up music with some very strong hints of Death and Black Metal, however also very strong influences of every other sound a style known to man, and indeed some that are not known!

Spirituality and Distortion continues this mend bending and sound destroying chaotic adventure that Igorrr likes to take you on and one thing that is for certain is that there is no way that it is boring or predictable. It may be divisive and will not be everyone’s taste, however, if you go into the experience with an open mind, it is guaranteed to blow your face off and realize just what can happen with no rules in making music and just letting what feels right to flow.

Spirituality and Distortion for me is a huge victory for music in general and it something that anyone who claims to like music needs to hear. Clear your mind and just go with it.

Ed Ford

Spirituality and Distortion is released Friday March 27th 2020 via Metal Blade Records.


Track List

1. Downgrade Desert
2. Nervous Waltz
3. Very Noise
4. Hollow Tree
5. Camel Dancefloor
6. Parpaing
7. Musette Maximum
8. Himalaya Massive Ritual
9. Lost in Introspection
10. Overweight Poesy
11. Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
12. Barocco Satani
13. Polyphonic Rust
14. Kung-Fu Chèvre



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