)are making new friends and pricking ears with their alluring and hypnotic sound that has already earned the fuzzed-up rock crew favourable descriptors that liken the band to everyone from Royal Blood and The Smashing Pumpkins through to Queens of the Stone Age. IDLE CROOKS & ENGLISHMEN have a new video for their single, Criminal Song – . We asked the band for five tracks that have greatly helped to define their sound:

“Itch – Nothing But Thieves

The drumming in the verse inspired some of our early songs and jam sessions. The chorus is also amazing, it features a high note sang by Conor Mason that falls into a hectic second section which is similar to our song ‘Strangers Greed’. It was probably the first song that got us into Nothing But Thieves.

Junk DNA – Demob Happy –

The riff is insane, we would have loved to have written it. Junk DNA has shaped a lot of our direction when writing riffs. We always picture what a crowd’s reaction could be like towards a song. With Junk DNA we always imagine people going nuts – as we did when we saw them.

Elephant – Tame Impala

We love all of Tame Impala’s work. I think everyone can agree Elephant has a great groove and the sonics of the fuzz guitar and vintage drums really appeal to us. Also, the structure is very interesting as it has three or four different instrumental sections after each other. The synth style lead parts have inspired some of our modulated effected guitar parts. The parts build up so much so much and works so well once it falls back into the original groove.

R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

It’s probably not our favourite Arctic Monkeys song but we were about 15 when AM came out we were definitely on the Arctic Monkeys hype. We covered R U Mine? in some of our school bands and shows. I think there’s a cover on YouTube somewhere. We must have played that song a lot together so it definitely would have affected our style now.

Stay Positive – The Streets

Lyrically, Mike Skinner’s lyrics in Original Pirate Material has always interested us. It is so unique; however we have always identified with it and seem we can put it on at any occasion. We would listen to it with all our mates as well as within the band. It’s been a big part of our growing up and way we think about lyric writing.”

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