Icelandic Pianist Eydís Evensen Releases Debut Album And New Video



April 23, 2021 – Today Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer Eydís Evensenreleases her spectacular debut album “Bylur”, alongside a breath-taking video for the album’s title track, filmed from above the current active volcanic eruptions near her home in Iceland. “Bylur” is out now, listen here.

The incredibly striking video for Bylur was directed by award-winning director and screenwriter Einar Egils, who Eydís has worked with previously on the video for Midnight Moon. After weeks of continuous earthquakes, they heard the news of a possible volcanic eruption. Eydís knew immediately that she wanted to include it as the last element of the visual world she was creating around her debut album. She and Egils contacted helicopter rental companies to be on standby for when the eruption started, and thus they managed to get a pilot to fly them over the volcano a mere 17 hours after the volcanic ground had begun to erupt, resulting in the beautiful and extraordinary footage in the video.

Eydís says: “The title of the album “Bylur” (e. snowstorm), reflects and responds to the emotional journey of what this album means to me; on the experience of being able to witness and experience such a majestic force of nature, the full spectrum of emotions. I am still to the day speechless of having witnessed such beauty, and Einar captures this honest experience in a meaningful and emotional way.”

Einar Egils adds: “This film is in its essence an experience of raw emotions. A witnessing of Mother Earth in all its glory, creating new land and the overwhelming beauty of that day. Not a lot of artists are willing to document their emotions on camera like that, so I’m very honoured to have been able to film Eydís’s emotional reaction at the beginning of this incredible and beautiful eruption.”

The video begins with an Icelandic poem that Eydís wrote and read herself, in response to the deeply moving experience of circling the volcano. It translates to: “The earth trembles beneath the feet of the nation. / The wind howls carries deep rumbles as the earthquakes split and crack open the surface. / New earth blood-red skies. The heartbeat of the eruption draws us closer whilst complete timelessness remains. / Dark and heavy sleet, visibility is poor.”

Eydís Evensen’s evocative debut album, “Bylur”, is out now. Featuring the likes of Midnight Moon, Wandering II and Eydís debut single Brotin, it’s a collection of 13 striking pieces of music that span the last 20 years of the 27 year old’s life, and is reflective of not only the impact that nature has had on her life, but also the personal turbulence she endured after deciding to leave Iceland for London and then New York.

The album explores the themes of love, darkness, emotional turbulence, vulnerability and nature, and it all combines to reflect Eydís Evensen’s emotional journey throughout her life. It truly is a work of beauty.

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About Eydís Evensen

Eydís Evensen, who was recently selected by The Line Of Best Fit as one of their ‘Artists On The Rise 2021’, hails from the remote town of Blönduós in the north of Iceland. Drawn to music from an early age, she began studying the piano aged six and wrote her first piece of music as a seven-year-old. Having abandoned her plans to become a professional classical pianist, however, EVENSEN instead moved to London and New York, where she worked in various jobs while focussing on developing her language as a composer. She returned to Iceland in 2020 to record her debut album, BYLUR, which is being released by XXIM Records, Sony Masterworks’ new imprint for innovative, progressive instrumental music, this week.

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